6 Animals Who Change Color In Winter Like It’s No Big Deal

Would you bother with coats and scarves if you could just swap out your hair for warmer, snazzier hair?

Sometimes these animals’ winter colors are warmer, sometimes they’re just better camouflage for the snow—but one thing is certain: they are always more snazzy.

1. Regular old summertime Arctic Fox


“The Arctic Fox’s white winter coat is thicker and warmer than its summer coat. Its tail is long and fluffy and can even be used as a sort of scarf to cover the face.” LIKE A BOSS. — eNature

2. Extremely bored Arctic Hare in summer

Suave and intrepid winter Arctic Hare!

3. Pfft, summer Ptarmigan, you’re just a glorified chicken—

Dayum, winter Ptarmigan, your plumage cleans up real nice!

4. In summer, the Ermine listens to Justin Bieber and practices gazing longingly off into the sunset

Winter Ermines can f*cking levitate

5. Sorry, summer Collared Lemming, nobody thinks you’re cool

“I’ll show you all, you fools!” In the winter, the Collared Lemming morphs into an evil genius

6. Oh hey there, I’m a derpy Caribou in summertime

The majestic shaggy winter Caribou doesn’t give a damn if it’s below freezing

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