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    10 Times Bo Burnham's "Inside" Was Art, Pure And Simple

    "Well, well, look who's inside again..."

    2020 was a...tough year, to say the least. And while some people set big goals, made new things, and actually improved themselves, most of us binge-watched everything Netflix, Amazon, and Disney + had to offer as a way to just survive. Bo Burnham's new special Inside is Netflix's latest offer, and it both sets the standard for what quarantine art can look like and showed that it was ok to not be ok this last year...

    Bo Burnham wears a light on his head that illuminates around the darkened room as he sings "Content" in "Inside"

    Here are just 10 moments from the special that really stood out:

    1. When he made us pause to read the jokes within the jokes.

    Bo sits in front of a whiteboard with comedy written in the middle and bubbles with words like "TV," "social media," "stand up," and "podcasts" branching off into other subcategories

    Seriously, zoom in.

    2. When he roasted his own reaction to his own reaction video.

    Bo reacts to a video of him reacting to a video of him reacting to a video of him reacting to a video

    Layers upon layers.

    3. When he used the iPhone aspect ratio during a song about FaceTiming with his mom.

    Bo Burnham sings "I'mma FaceTime with my mom tonight"

    This isn't the only intentional aspect ratio used during the special (Hint: "White Woman's Instagram" also has a creative ratio.)

    4. When he asked people to hold him accountable for his crude humor while posing on a crucifix.

    Bo posts on an illuminated cross on the wall while he sings

    Oh, Bo...the irony is not lost on us.

    5. When he let us inside the messy, confusing, rambling parts of the creative process

    Bo rests his head on a pillow on the floor with a blanket wrapped around him and tons of wires and electrical equipment surrounding him

    Overall, the individual bits of the special are immaculate, but Bo doesn't hide what's going on behind the scenes (both in his head and his apartment).

    6. When he complimented his own music while playing as himself in a video game.

    Bo Burnham plays video game where he is the main character with the caption: "I like the music. The music is actually nice on this"

    A meta joke inside a meta joke? Yup. That's Bo.

    7. When he used a sock puppet to explain the horrible things that are wrong with the world.

    Bo sits at a keyboard with a sock on his hand like a puppet

    Socko was just trying to do his best, but not even he wasn't prepared for Bo to prove the exact points he was making...

    8. When he gave us both the good and bad sides of the internet in a series of disturbing juxtapositions.

    Bo smiles while wearing sunglasses and sitting at a piano

    Few people know more about the good and bad of the internet than Bo, who has seen his career built on online videos and his mental health negatively affected by online criticism.

    9. When he made stand-up comedy its own joke within his own comedy special.

    Bo sits down at a stool with a microphone in his hand as a spotlight illuminates him

    Bo is operating in a completely different universe from other comedians.

    10. And finally, when he told himself (and us) that it's ok to not be ok.

    Bo looks down at his phone while a vide of Bo reflects onto his shirt

    We can't all wear ourselves as therapists on a shirt, but Bo's insight into the reality of what mental health looked like this last year is worth remembering.

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