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Super Mario Odyssey Released!

Pedestrian traffic, the building row upon row of The stream never stops flowing. suit...... A series of elements painted a different picture, E3 this year, Nintendo announced the "super Mario Odyssey" by the real machine play shows this for one of the important stages of New Donk City, the Metropolitan style background brighten.

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The total issued MS-DOS version, SNES version and the NES version of the three version, the three picture is different due to the platform there is a big gap, but also because of the difference between the capacity, although the gameplay is consistent but the whole process experience and the details are not the same.

The DOS version of the maximum capacity for the game player who made a detailed account of the game background story: Kuba built castle in the Antarctic continent, buy a large number of hair dryer to melt the iceberg and a big flood on the earth, in order to raise funds he sent men to steal the iconic items of famous city around the world, Mario and Luigi together to attack stop Bowser's evil plan, but Mario was caught, the responsibility to save the world and save his brother falls on the shoulders of Louis base. While the SNES version and the NES version is not text on the iceberg and Kuba setting, we can only know the background image from the beginning of the game.

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