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6 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Visiting different places is a great thing. You can visit different countries to look the beauty of nature and also know about the history. If you have a plan to visit Egypt, you need to know the most popular tourist attractions of this place. US Dollar price in Egypt is reasonable so that you can visit at a little cost. However, here I am sharing a list of top 6 attractions of Egypt which you should visit at least once.

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1. Aswan / Via

This is the most peaceful town in Egypt. You will love the atmosphere of this place. You should visit the river with a boat. This river is so beautiful, and you will enjoy its atmosphere. Visit the Elephantine Island and saunter the picturesque streets of the Nubian villages. On the east bank, you will find camels, and with a few cost, you can ride on a camel. You can eat unlimited tea in this place. Also, there are plenty of historic places.

2. Abu Simbel

Though there are so many temples in Egypt, Abu Simbel is different from them. The outside of this temple will attract you at first. Also, you will love the interior which is sumptuously decorated with wall paintings. This is also known for the incredible feat, which saw the whole sanctuary moved from its unique setting.

3. Islamic Cairo / Via

If you want to know about the history of Islam, you should go to Cairo. Cairo is full of full of mosques, madrassas, and monuments. Some monuments are thousand years old. Most of the mosques are full of beauty. They are decorated with ceramics and tiles. You will find a variety of perfume in this district.

4. Dahab

This place is situated 85 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba. This place was an isolated coastal village, and then it has turned into a hippie hangout in the 1980’s. This is the best place of Egypt to do snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and riding on a camel. Accommodation in this place is very cheap.

5. Red Sea Reef / Via

Want to enjoy the beauty of underwater? Then you should visit this place of Egypt. You will find some most exotic seascapes here. Enjoy the coral reef of this location. There are also thousands of sea creatures that attract any tourist.

6. Egyptian Museum

In any area, to know history, you should visit the museums. In Egypt, this is one of the most famous museums where you will find some historical instances.

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