Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania are nowhere near as promising for Republicans as they seemed in 2016.

Henry J. Gomez • 6 days ago

The Pennsylvania and Ohio Senate races look to be out of reach for Republicans, no matter how much Trump tries to motivate voters in the states he won in 2016.

Tarini Parti • 8 days ago

The president is leading off campaign rallies this week with digs at Democrats over their treatment of the new Supreme Court justice, who was accused of sexual assault.

Tarini Parti • 12 days ago

“Nikki Haley is one of the most talented political leaders of this generation. It’s hard to imagine her leaving the stage. I hope she doesn’t,” said Matt Moore, a former chair of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Henry J. Gomez • 14 days ago

For Republicans in Wisconsin, it’s a time to be sentimental — and scared.

Henry J. Gomez • 20 days ago

John James faces tough odds in Michigan. But he’s become a feel-good, if complicated, story for a party struggling to diversify.

Henry J. Gomez • 25 days ago

The Bannon PR shop is back, with a thirsty twist.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

“It reaffirms conservative skepticism about whether a liberal candidate sees the world the same way as they do.”

Tarini Parti • One month ago

“Safe and smart,” one former Trump White House official said of the choice.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

Ron DeSantis also called Andrew Gillum “articulate.”

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Washington Republicans’ choice won, but she’s now going up against tough competition.

Alexis Levinson • One month ago

“I think he endorsed me,” Trump said about Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Martha McSally is expected to win a primary election next Tuesday. What happens from there gets complicated.

Alexis Levinson • 2 months ago

"This is simply an initial shot being fired in the potential 2020 primary."

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

“Both parties are moving to the extremes, which is bad for the country,” said Christine Todd Whitman, the former New Jersey governor.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

National Republicans were counting on Pawlenty to win them back the governor’s office in Minnesota for the first time in eight years and to help lift down-ballot House and Senate candidates this fall.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

“If 2018 and 2020 are a referendum on rhetoric, that’s where you run the risk of a blue wave.”

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

Said one critic: “It is a PAC to throw parties, to drink, and to raise a lot of money.”

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

Troy Balderson has the edge in Ohio's very tight special election. His Democratic opponent isn't conceding. Either way, Republicans are worried about a blue wave.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

“You’ve got to run like your hair’s on fucking fire.”

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago