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    What Happens When People Wake Up Early As Hell And Go To A Sober Morning Dance Rave

    “Why do people do this?!”

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    The Test Friends and Zach of The Try Guys got together in the early morning hours to go to a rave at Daybreaker in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, this crew was ready to bring the action!

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    So, it's Tuesday at 5:35 a.m. ... What are you usually doing?

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    Sleeping...? Snoring...? Eating...?

    Jen shared the most accurate thought ever at that time of morning: "WHY?!"

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    But the fun was about to be well worth the early wake-up call, because the RAVE was about to go DOWN!

    Henry was ready, per usual, to get his dance on.

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    "Goin' up on a Tuesday!"

    While Henry was ready to go, Ryan was questioning his sanity.

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    Before long, the wait was over and it was time to enter the Daybreaker rave, get painted up, and get dancin'...

    ...and more DANCIN'!

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    The high intensity action of the rave paid off and surprisingly, no one hated it.

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    And Jen said it all with supreme accuracy, once again.

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    So next time at 5:35 a.m... just think, you could be dancing your ass off and feeling just as FABULOUS as these folks felt.

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