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    What Happens When People Wake Up Early As Hell And Go To A Sober Morning Dance Rave

    “Why do people do this?!”

    The Test Friends and Zach of The Try Guys got together in the early morning hours to go to a rave at Daybreaker in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, this crew was ready to bring the action!

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    So, it's Tuesday at 5:35 a.m. ... What are you usually doing?

    Jen shared the most accurate thought ever at that time of morning: "WHY?!"

    Henry was ready, per usual, to get his dance on.

    While Henry was ready to go, Ryan was questioning his sanity.

    Before long, the wait was over and it was time to enter the Daybreaker rave, get painted up, and get dancin'...

    ...and more DANCIN'!

    The high intensity action of the rave paid off and surprisingly, no one hated it.

    And Jen said it all with supreme accuracy, once again.

    So next time at 5:35 a.m... just think, you could be dancing your ass off and feeling just as FABULOUS as these folks felt.