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    How To Disappoint Your Parents In 61 Seconds

    Or, more accurately, for the rest of their lives.

    Have you ever done something to really disappoint your parents?

    No. Like, REALLY disappoint them.

    Well, we disappointed our parents a bunch of times.

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    In fact, when we got so many examples of disappointing your parents from the BuzzFeed staff, we couldn't put them all in the video.

    -"Moving away from home and out of state."
    -"Forgetting their birthday, even though they always remember yours"
    -"Dyeing your hair."
    -"Getting a shitty tattoo."
    -"If they see drunk photos of you on FB or find your twitter feed."
    -"Forgetting to call your grandpa on his 96th birthday"
    Crashing your car. Actually: crashing their car.
    -"Deciding to become a writer."
    -"Not deciding to become an engineer."
    -"Not deciding to become a lawyer."
    -"Backing your dad's new porsche out of the garage without opening the garage door first."
    -"Leaving the keys to a rental car in the car when you parked it in HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES because you were running late to your dance class and it was probably definitely not there when class was over."
    -"Not attending family reunions."
    -"Not visiting them for holidays."
    -"Going to art school."
    -"Parking the car in your slanted driveway and turning the engine off when you're 15 and just got your learner's permit but forgetting to take it out of drive and coming back outside later to see your neighbor across the street calmly raking leaves next to the 1993 Toyota Camry station wagon that's now resting in his front yard.
    -"Crashing your car on the way to your cousin's bar mitzvah and missing the bar mitzvah. also, dropping out of grad school to sell alcohol."
    -"Coming home from college freshman year with a nose ring."

    We're sorry. We're terrible children.