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9 Things I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

A complete list of everything I wish I'd known when I was in college. Full story at

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Most of the people who read this blog are post-college, or at least the age of post-college folks, but I know a few of you “new adults” are still actually matriculating, so this post is primarily directed at you. I had an awesome time in college, I learned a fair amount in school, I made a handful of friends who I will keep forever and I grew up (some). I also got to spend 4 years, summers included, in Montreal, which is one of the best cities the world. For that, I am forever grateful.

That being said, looking back at the experience, I can’t help but feel there are some things I wish I’d done differently, which would have affected my immediate post-college life and possibly my life as it is, now. Like the song goes, I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger. So, after considering how hard it is for kids fresh out of school these days, I thought I’d share a little bit of real talk that that I would tell my younger self, if that was possible and hope it will give you kids a leg up on your peers once you get out.

1.) Intern your face off, dummy. When I got out of school, I moved to LA to be in a band and to try to find an entry-level job in media. Except, I didn’t have any “experience” and, like a dummy, I didn’t realize that the only way to get “experience” is to work in your chosen field for free. For a whole year, I worked shitty service jobs, while diligently checking Craigslist and sending out unimpressive resumes, which were always neglected, before I realized, “Oh, I need to intern.” Then, I had to spend months supporting myself by selling Greenpeace donations on the street during the weekends while I interned at a startup during the week. I could have interned while still in college, if I’d given half a fuck. Don’t wait until you get, out kids. Start working immediately, while you’re still (hopefully) on your parents’ dimes.