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11 Terrible Things For Left-Handed People

All the lefties out there will identify with this list.

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Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918


The H1N1 influenza virus spread rapidly starting in January of 1918. For nearly two years following the outbreak, approximately 500 million people (some of them lefties) were infected, and as many as 100 Million -- five percent of the world's population -- were killed.

Mismanagement of the Aral Sea


While the Aral Sea was, at one point, one of the four largest lakes in the world, Soviet irrigation projects diverted the rivers feeding into it. Since then, the body of water has all but dried up, and lefties worldwide are unable to visit.

Cuban "Special Period"


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba entered an extended economic depression that lasted nearly a decade. Fuel shortages, along with an unsustainable agricultural model, lead to widespread famine and malnutrition. Bad for lefties.

Antioch Earthquake


An estimated 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Byzantine Empire in 526 A.D. Concentrated in the city of Antioch, the quake and ensuing aftershocks killed approximately 250,000 people. Since few detailed records exist, it's certainly possible that all the victims were left-handed.

Battle of the Somme


Considered among the largest skirmishes of WWI, the Battle of the Somme took place from July 1st to November 18th, 1916. While the outcome was inconclusive, more than a million soldiers were killed, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history. Sad day for lefties.

Chinese Great Sparrow Campaign


Designed to exterminate grain-eating birds, the "Great Sparrow Campaign" backfired when it upset the ecological balance, dramatically increasing the insect population. Swarms of locusts exacerbated the Great Chinese Famine, which killed an estimated 20 million people, both right and left handed.

Pinochet Dictatorship


Following an American-supported military coup in 1973, Augusto Pinochet served as the Chilean Commander-in-Chief until 1998. During his oppressive regime, more than 300 criminal charges for human rights violations were filed against him. Here we can see Pinochet raising his left, and other, hand.

Estonian Mahtra War


This peasant insurgency in Estonia (then the Russian Empire) was quickly suppressed by the army. The leaders of the rebellion were ordered to be executed by Russian officials. Estonia and its left-handed citizens eventually gained sovereignty.

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