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11 Delectable Meals That — Aww F**k It I'm Just Gonna Microwave Something In A Mug

I'm just really not in the mood to chop up a bunch of ingredients and get all precious with some BS I'm about to eat. It's just lunch. Warning: NSFW Language to follow.

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3. Shitty brownie


Let's not get cute and pretend like I put some Betty Crocker mix in the mug and cooked it that way. I bought the brownie from Vons. Who gives a shit? It's in the mug now. You got what you wanted.


9. Unevenly microwaved cookie


Yeah, fine, I tried to make one of those hoity-toity cookie-in-a-mug pieces of shit. You want to see it all nice and perfect or whatever? Go to Pinterest for that. I'm gonna eat this shit anyway.

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