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How To Be A Good Lover In Bed

Most men feel the desire to find certain characteristics, interests and expectations in their partner when making love. Being bold and curious are one of the behaviors they value most to be a good lover in bed.

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According to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, there are six types of activities that are extremely critical to being considered an expert during sex:

1.- Wild sex: Men love this type of sex, especially after having behaved like good children. The more passionate and uncontrolled his gestures, the more intense are all the sensations in sex.

2. Sensual sex: Any erotic-romantic scene in a movie is enough to activate your partner's erogenous zones immediately. A relaxing holiday with sauna and beach will make your child much more active.

3. Offer him sex: Men are programmed to conquer and to see that you surrender to him and his charms. The sight of a woman with an open shirt, showing off her sexier underwear, and separate legs are very exciting for them, experts say. No matter if you are single or have a family, a sex doll can be a beneficial thing in your life.

4.- Forbidden sex: Public places, the use of some erotic toy, put into practice some morbid fantasy, are some options to get the adrenaline run through your boy's veins. Being good in bed often depends on external conditioning.

5. Spontaneous sex: Sometimes, they want to take their time to hug and enjoy sex for hours, but other times, what they want is to enjoy and period. And more if they get tired of work. What they want is easy sex: no preludes, no games, no caresses. Maximum pleasure in the least possible time. That's why quickies are great for stressed-out kids. Once your wife is pregnant, she might not want, a realistic sex doll is a perfect way for you to satiate your sexual needs in a safe manner.

6. Take the initiative. Nothing will excite you more than the fact that you are now the one who says when, how and how far. The idea that you direct the situation excites them but in addition, the ego increases them.

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