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11 Bollywood Theme Cakes For All Bollywood Addicts

Bollywood is one thing that interests one and all. The glitz and glamour is something one can’t stay away from. And it’s no surprise that Bollywood affects our life in countless ways. From the sense of dressing up to our ways of dealing with situations, everything is coloured with hues of Bollywood. And that is why we thought of letting you know some Bollywood theme cakes so that you could celebrate your occasion more grandly and joyously. Have a look at some amazing cakes inspired from bollywood theme:

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Movie Reel Cake


Another one to delight the one addicted to movies. Shaped like a movie reel, this colourful cake can go for any occasion like birthdays, Valentine’s days, anniversary or any other occasion.

Popcorn Cake


Sit back on your couch, grab some popcorn, play your favourite movie and relax. Yes! This cake gives exactly the same feeling that you experience when you plan to watch a movie. Getting a cake designed like this would definitely satiate a movie buff.

Bollywood Latke Zhatke Cake

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Bollywood songs composed are so full of fun that we cannot help but tap our feet on the same. And this cake is unique enough for all dancing divas to love it. Get a cake designed like this for someone who loves “latkes jhatkes.”


Simple, elegant, exotic and perfectly describing the essence of Bollywood. This cake could be in a single tier or multiple tier according to the size of the party. Besides, this cake could go well enough for any Bollywood theme party.

Propose Your Mate with This Cake


Ever thought of proposing to someone with a cake? Well, if not, now is the time! This cake is all that would take in order to make her say Yes! Propose to her with something like this and you would not have to say too much in words.


Well, that’s what every Bollywood story ends in- a sweet love story with a happy ending. And this cake depicts a couple who believe in the idea of true love and end up marrying their soulmates.

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Are you a die-hard Rajni fan? Here’s how you can celebrate your occasion fantastically. Go for this shape cake to add splendor to your celebration. Besides, we are pretty sure the delectable taste would definitely make it a cake to remember.

Badhai Ho Cake


This ‘Badhai Ho cake’ fits any occasion perfectly. Be it anniversary, birthday, baby shower, house blessing, corporate party or any other celebration, there’s no occasion that this cake doesn’t seem to fulfil.

And that is not it. You can get a lot of more designs to choose from. Get your favourite movie star at your table with online cake delivery in Delhi and other cities and make the celebration fun filled.

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