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  • I’ve forgotten my password! Can you please help me?

    Take a deep breath, find your happy place, and then go to the sign-in page and click the “Forgot Password” link. Enter the email address you used when you registered; your password will be reset and a new one will be sent to you.

  • I never got my validation email! Where is it?

    Unless you signed up with Facebook Connect (see below), you will need to validate your email address. If you never received the validation email try going to the sign-in page and click the “Forgot Password” link. Then enter the email address you used when you registered. A new validation email will be sent. If you still don’t get that email please let us know.

  • How do I edit or delete a post?

    If you hover with your mouse over a post on your Feed you should see two icons on the right-hand side of your post. Click the pencil icon to change your post or the × icon to delete. Please note: once your post has been featured on our front page or awarded a badge you will no longer be able to edit it.

  • Why can’t I edit or delete my post?

    It bears repeating, we guess: If your post has been promoted to the homepage or was awarded a badge you will no longer be able to edit it anymore. If you find a typo or want to change something at that point feel free to email our editors and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

  • Can I edit or delete my contributions?

    At this time you cannot edit a contribution you’ve made to another post.

  • How do I remove someone else’s contribution from my post?

    You cannot remove a contribution someone else has made to your post. Feel free to flag contributions if you feel they are spam or abusive. Our editors will try their best to remove inappropriate contributions.

  • How do I change my name, photo, or other details?

    From your settings page (there’s also a link next to your name in the top right of every page). From there you can change all your public profile information.

  • How do I change my email address or password?

    From your settings page click the “Account Settings” tab. From there you can enter a new email address and change your password.

  • How do I change my username?

    While you can change how your username appears on the site (see 2 questions up from here), you cannot change your username. BuzzFeed is all about getting posts linked to from all over the web so we are very careful not to ever break links. Since your username is your url for all your posts (, doing so would break all links to your existing posts. That would make everyone sad. If you really, really need a different user name, you can always just create a new account.

  • How do I customize my page?

    From your settings page (there’s also a link next to your name in the top right of every page). From there you can update a fancy banner image, add links to your Twitter and Facebook pages, and more. In the future we may add more customization options.

  • What are “submissions” and how do I get them?

    If you want, you can let other people submit posts to your Feed. To turn this feature on, go to the settings page and make sure you’ve clicked the checkbox that allows submissions to be turned on. Then when other people visit your Feed, they’ll see a button that says "Submit." They can add anything — a link, a video, a list. If you’ve turned on the alerts setting you’ll get an email telling you that you’ve got a new submission. If you like what they’ve written, you can approve their submission and it will be added to your page.

  • What are “account notifications and alerts”?

    If you opt in, we’ll send you an alert when there’s specific activity relating to your account, such as a post getting promoted to our front page, a post going viral, someone submitting a post to your Feed, or someone accepting one of your submissions. To change this setting go to your settings page, click the “Account Settings” tab, and click the checkbox labeled “Send me account notifications and alerts”.

  • I already have a BuzzFeed account. Can I sign in with Facebook?

    Sure! First make sure you are signed out of BuzzFeed. Then go to our sign-in page and and click the “Facebook Connect” button. You will be prompted to enter your BuzzFeed username and password. Once entered your accounts will be linked and you can sign in with either your username and password or simply by hitting the Facebook Connect button. Huzzah!

  • What is “Log in with Facebook?”

    “Log in with Facebook” is a service offered by Facebook so you can sign into your favorite sites using your Facebook username and password. Just click the “Log in with Facebook” button anytime you’re presented with a sign-in prompt.

    In addition to making it easier to sign into BuzzFeed,”Log in with Facebook” also allows you to use your name, bio, and profile photo from your Facebook account on BuzzFeed and to share with your friends by easily posting your contributions, reactions, and buzz posts to your Facebook stream.

    What is my “Facebook Fan Page ID”?

    If you add your Facebook Fan Page ID (from your settings page) we’ll stick a neat facebook widget in the sidebar of your page. You can see an example of this here. Note that this only works with Facebook fan pages, not regular user Facebook accounts (this is Facebook’s limitation, not ours). You can find your Fan Page ID by going to to your Fan Page, clicking on your image in the upper left, and grabbing the number in the URL.

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