HelpHow Do I Use BuzzFeed?

  • What is BuzzFeed?

    BuzzFeed is a place for you to discover, share, and track everything awesome that is happening on the Internet as soon as it happens.

  • How do I post to BuzzFeed?

    Sign up for an account here. Then click “Start Posting” to open up the BuzzFeed posting interface.

    You can post standalone items such as a video or an image, and you can also post lists of stuff - all using the same interface!

    Here are some examples of finished posts:

    Once you’ve added your content, write a good headline and a description and add a thumbnail to the post. Doing this part well is essential if you want your post to succeed.

  • What should I post to BuzzFeed?

    Post cool, funny, interesting stuff that you’ve found online or made yourself that you think has a strong chance of going viral and being shared by other people. Better yet, post lists of things. Here are some examples of awesome lists that you can look at for inspiration. BuzzFeed’s editors will feature the best posts from BuzzFeed’s community on our front page every day.

  • What should I avoid posting to BuzzFeed?

    Porn, spam, links to your blog. Don’t post those things, as they will likely result in the removal of your account or curtailment of your posting privileges. :(

  • What happens to the stuff I post to BuzzFeed?

    Your posts will automatically appear in the “Just Launched” section of BuzzFeed Community. Our community editors can then choose to promote them to different areas of the site.

  • How do you decide what gets promoted?

    Our editors choose what gets posted to the homepage.

  • How does BuzzFeed handle timestamps?

    Timestamps in our posts reflect the timezone where the reader is located. If an editor in New York publishes a post at 2:03 pm, a reader in Los Angeles will see the post’s publication time as 11:03 am.

  • Something offended me. What do I do?

    Let us know using this form. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE PERSON WHO OFFENDED YOU. It only makes them worse.

  • I posted something first but it didn’t get featured. Why?

    Yikes. This one’s a tough one. First of all: It’s not personal. Buuuuut …. here are 4 possible reasons why your thing didn’t get featured:

    1. An editor wanted to frame the same content in a very specific way that was not covered in the original post
    2. The writeup for the post wasn’t adequate or required too much editing
    3. The content of the post was something that was all over the web anyway and was posted multiple times by users and editors
    4. We just missed it - we’re not perfect!
  • How do badges and awards get assigned?

    Our main badges (LOL, Win, Cute, etc) are assigned by BuzzFeed algorithms which take the number of corresponding reactions a post gets, its viral traffic, and editorial merit into account. Other badges, such as gold stars, Fact Checker, etc, are purely at the fickle whim of BuzzFeed’s crew of heavy-drinking editors. You can earn Awards based on what kinds of post you make, what kinds of post you react to, and what kinds of things you do in the comments. Check out your Awards page for specifics!

  • What are Reactions?

    Reactions are a simple way for you to express your reaction to a post. We use these signals to help badge, categorize, and feature the best content. You only get three per post so use them wisely!

  • What are Special Reactions?

    Special reactions are, well, special. You’ll win some when one of your posts wins a badge or when you win an award. If you win a special reaction you’ll receive an email pointing you to a page where you can claim your reaction.

    Sometimes a BuzzFeed partner sponsors a new, limited-time reaction. When this happens you can use as many as you want while they’re there, but once they’re gone they’re gone.

  • What is Royalty?

    Crowns are like Awards except only one person can hold a crown at a time. (Otherwise it would just be chaos, and no one would know who was in charge of what.) Whoever has the most LOL badges at a given time will hold the LOL Crown, but anyone else can win the crown back for themselves by gaining more LOL badges on their own buzz!

    Same goes for WTF, OMG, Trashy, Geeky, Cute, Meow, Woof, and more! Check out the current BuzzFeed Royalty here and try to win a crown for yourself by posting awesome buzz.

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