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21 Reasons Why We’d Rather Live In Detroit

It’s no secret that Detroit has a bad rap, especially when compared to the bigger, brighter, and more financially stable metropolises of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago--but that’s because most people haven’t heard of all of things that make The D the Best. City. Ever.

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1. One word: Coneys

While New Yorkers have to trek to Coney Island to get an authentic hot dog, we have restaurants with menus dedicated to this American delicacy. In fact, we don’t call them diners or restaurants, we call them “Coneys.”

3. And...we get paid to party!

Once a year, many Metro Detroiters pick a Friday afternoon to take off and party on their boats on Gull Island on Lake Saint Clair. It’s the Jobbie Nooner - one heck of a soiree where nearly 10,000 people gather on their boats. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that it was the inspiration for The Lonely Island's “I’m On A Boat.”

4. Our public transportation is CHEAP

Our public transportation system is pretty self-explanatory--it’s called the People Mover. And at $.75 per ride, you’ll pay no more than $70 a month (less than it costs to get a monthly Metrocard in NYC.)

8. Tigers games at Comerica Park are perfect for an after-work outing

And Detroit fans are passionate: the Tigers are the only American League team to have drawn over 1 million fans each year since 1984. Tickets average $30 for a game. Average price for a Yankees game? $63.

9. The Spring Equinox is a two-part celebration in Detroit

Not only is winter over, but you also get to celebrate the Marche Du Nain Rouge. It comes from old Detroit folklore to chase the Nain out of the city, so Detroit can see happiness and success.

15. We know of a few good Happy Hours that won’t cost you more than $30

To name a few: Roast, 1930s jazz club Cliff’s Bells, Angelina Bistro, or Coach Insignia—a once-rotating restaurant atop the city's tallest building.

16. Our music scene is legendary

We’re home to the Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, the oldest operating jazz club in America. And of course, we’re the home of Motown, where you can go sing at Hitsville U.S.A. in the same studio that created The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, the Supremes and greats.

The best thing about Detroit is that it's always looking for new people to move in and help continue our traditions. Check out HelloWorld's career page to see jobs that'll have you calling The D YOUR city.

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