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Problems You Don’t Have To Worry About When You Use An eSignature

You could buy a printer and a scanner and waste tons of money on ink ... or you can use HelloSign for all your electronic document needs.

Your "scanned" documents turning out like this:

That adventure quest of trying to find the writing utensil our ancestors referred to as pens.

Spending $150+ on a printer you use literally 3 times a year

Your kids forging your signature to go on that field trip you told them they couldn’t go on.

Having to brave the outside in search of a fax machine

Having to teach yourself to code just to encrypt your important documents

Being paranoid that someone will steal all your information just by searching through your trash

The emotional breakdown when your printer insists you have color ink even though you want to print in black and white

Getting triggered by a fax tone

The crippling anxiety that sets in as soon as you read “please sign and return”

The irrational fear that you might've poisoned yourself by licking a stamp while mailing documents

And wasting all your money on printing and the deforestation of our planet.

Work smarter not harder! HelloSign allows you to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document. 

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