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    You'll Never Guess What This Couple Did For Their Wedding

    Have you ever gone to a wedding… and not known about it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to this couple’s friends.

    Surprise! It’s a wedding!

    Image Credit: Ryan Dowling-Soka

    "We have a long history of surprise parties," says Sam. "When it came to planning our wedding, we wanted to continue the tradition. Traditionally untraditional."

    "We've been together for 10 years so I think everyone gave up on the idea of us getting married," Katie laughs. "Seemed like the perfect time to surprise everyone!"

    The Ruse

    "We normally plan a couple trips a year with our friends to a local island - but this was no ordinary weekend," says Katie.

    To get everyone at the right time at the right place, Sam told everyone he was proposing to Katie and wanted their closest friends to be there and share the moment.

    "A friend of ours did a public proposal on the same island, and other friends got married there so it's a pretty special place to us. I told everyone I was treating Katie to a relaxing spa day at a nearby resort, and after I would have a photographer there to capture the proposal moment with everyone gathered around."

    Well… maybe not quite.

    When everyone showed up for the proposal, they found instead something else instead.


    Image Credit: Blythe Montgomery

    "Our friends headed towards the spa where Katie was supposed to have been," says Sam. "But before they got there, I stopped them and announced that there was just one more thing."

    He opened the doors to the ballroom and the ceremony space beyond it - and in a rush of emotions, people started piecing things together.

    "They weren't there to surprise Katie, we were both here to surprise them!"

    Swept up in the moment

    Image Credit: Ryan Dowling-Soka

    "Part of what I love about surprising people are the reactions. It's just so raw and genuine - you just can't hide it!" laughs Katie. "I wish I could have been there to see it live but, since I was hiding to walk down the aisle, I had our photographer there to capture that moment as it dawned on everyone what was happening."

    "It's not often we're totally thrown for a loop. It's pretty cool to see things register and, within seconds, change from confusion to pure excitement and joy. Minutes later when I turned the corner to walk down the aisle, there wasn't a dry eye left in the house."

    A whole lotta love

    Image Credit: Ryan Dowling-Soka

    "It was a small wedding, but big on love," says Katie. "It wasn't traditional, but it was a perfect reflection of our style. Even our friend who's on the other side of the globe said the surprise wedding was exactly us."

    "I hope people may be inspired to do what truly feels right to them, whatever that may be. We're fun and cheeky - and we wanted to reflect that. Even if you find small ways to bring your personality into your day, do it. For example, we didn't want a bland fondant monstrosity of a wedding cake. We loved the cinnamon buns from the local bakery, so we just got a few pans of them. Then I designed and made our cake topper which tied in perfectly!"

    All in the name of a good surprise.

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