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Test The Hottest Christmas Toys In This Interactive Clubhouse For Kids

Test out the hottest toys from Walmart or create a vlog with Barbie at KidHQ from eko!

Welcome to KidHQ, a new interactive video from eko that allows you to test some of the most popular toys before you buy them for your kids! Try it out in the video below, or keep scrolling to see how it works.

To get started, tap the Walmart Toy Lab button in the video above. Your child will get a quick introduction from Chief Fun Officer Ms. Bartlesby.

Once back in the lab, use the toy picker to choose a toy to test. Swipe left or right to cycle through all toys, or filter by category.

Found a toy you're interested in learning more about? Use buttons on the “funtroller” to test the toy, take a better look, or see different ways of playing with it. Try the Don’t Push button for a wacky surprise!

When finished testing, your child can add the toy to their toy report or choose another toy to test.

All done? Tap the Funovator button at the top left of the screen to visit another floor within KidHQ, like the Barbie Dream Floor to go on a vlogging adventure featuring Mattel Barbie toys.

On the Barbie Dream Floor, Barbie will guide your child through a series of choices to help create a vlog.

Choose from your different themes: Ultimate Closet, You Can Be an Explorer, The Great Outdoors, or Fun in the Dreamhouse.

Once you pick, you'll watch a vlog based on your choices, featuring different Barbie dolls, clothes, and accessories like the Barbie DreamCamper.

Your child can make choices to impact how the story plays out to create their own vlog. The possibilities are endless. Once done, choose another theme to explore.

What are you waiting for? Scroll back to the top of this post to play, or visit eko's KidHQ to find the perfect toys for your kids!