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Tell Us Your Potato-Skin Preferences And A Chef Will Cook You A Personalized Recipe

Potatoes > all other foods.

Hit play on this interactive video to get a delicious potato-skins recipe made by executive chef and Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson! You can scroll down if you need some tips on how it works.

If seeing that made you wish you were eating some potato skins right now, then boy, do I have some great news: Just follow along with the video at the top of this post and Brooke Williamson will create the perfect recipe for you!

After you select your preferred number of servings, you'll pick your favorite potato. Think hard — because this is a VERY important decision.

Next, you'll pick your filling. Do you prefer something cheesy or something a little more green?

Don't forget to get a little ~saucy~:

Once you finish choosing your preferences, you'll get a totally custom recipe created by Brooke.

Consider this a personal cooking lesson! Brooke will teach you expert tips like how to perfectly bake a potato.

But making the potato skins of your dreams doesn't end there. Play along and tell us how you make your ideal potato skins!

Don't forget to get your recipe at the end!