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Make A Fajita And We'll Make Your Next Dinner Date Infinitely Better

Fajitas could be the only food. We'd be fine. Better, even.

Some things in life are not up for debate — like that fajitas are a delicious food. That's a fact.

This interactive video will be almost as great as monchin' down on a delicious fajita IRL. Start off by clickin' that little "Fajita" button and this'll guide you through a series of questions. Click your favorite ingredients and make your own delectable dish!

Get ready to begin a tantalizing virtual tour your taste buds were *not* prepared for when they woke up this morning.

This will start off easy: Simply choose your favorite type of meaty protein.

After throwing in some necessary ingredients (oils, spices, and such) you get to choose a vegetable. Be sure to choose wisely, there's not ~mushroom~ for error when your hangry side starts to show.

Once you've grilled up something good, you'll be asked if you want to throw it in a flour tortilla or toss it on top of some quinoa.

After that, you're all done! Click "Get Your Recipe" to make your personalized recipe at home.

What did your fajita end up looking like? Let us know in the comments below!