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Are You More Gen Z Or Boomer? This Quiz Knows Your REAL Age

Are you a millennial, baby boomer, or Gen Z'er at heart? Find out with our interactive test.

The age on your driver's license might be just a number. But what about the age in your heart? Take this interactive quiz to find out yours:

If you need some help using this quiz, keep reading!

Whether you're an old soul or first adopter... teen movies from the 1980s or 1990s (or even later)... three-day music festivals or would rather just watch them at home...

...there's an age you actually are deep down. So take the quiz at the top of this post to find out which generation you REALLY belong to!

Want to try different answers? No problem. Just tap the replay button to take the quiz again.

Don't forget to share your results below! And head back to the top of the post to play.