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Navigate These Reality Show Struggles And We'll Tell You Which Archetype You Are

Are you here to make friends or to kick ass and take names?

Welcome to Reality House! It's a show we made up filled with your favorite reality TV archetypes, and you control the narrative. Just hit start!

Play our interactive video above to navigate different weird and wacky reality TV scenarios with our cast.

Like, what would you do if someone in the house eats your food, trash-talks you, or blabs one of your secrets?

And how would you deal with having a crush on someone in the house?

At the end, we'll tell you YOUR reality show archetype. Are you the Hot Jerk or the Girl Who's Always Crying? Or maybe someone else?

If you want to give it another go and get a whole new character, you can just tap "play again."

Tell us in the comments if we got yours right! And go head back to the video at the top of the post if you're ready to play.