Food For When It’s Too Darn Hot Outside

Sometimes, it’s just too hot to eat. Which is tough - because food is amazing, and summer grub is packed with flavours. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of delicious summer recipes with the help of Hellmann’s that not only taste great, but will help you keep your cool too!

1. Watermelon salad with mint

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The high water content of this salad, along with the mouth-cooling mint will leave you feeling fresh as a daisy by the time you put your fork down.

2. Roasted potato salad with rocket

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This roasted potato salad is twist on the classic, but still features your hero ingredients: potatoes, mayonnaise and spring onions. It can be served warm or chilled.

3. Citrus kale salad

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It’s a known fact that anything citrus-flavoured tastes like summer, and this citrus kale salad combines that summery flavour with super-food kale.

4. Pasta with peas, lemon and mint

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This pea, lemon and mint pasta dish not only tastes deliciously light and fresh - it’s so quick and easy to make that you won’t be slaving over a hot stove on an even hotter day for hours.

5. Berry salad with lemon dressing

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Who says salads have to be savoury? This berry salad with lemon dressing is made from seasonal fruits, so tastes ultra-fresh.

6. Spinach lemonade

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t worry - this spinach lemonade recipe uses apples and pears so is naturally sweet. The deep green colour makes it refreshing just to look at.

7. Strawberry and cucumber salad

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This strawberry and cucumber salad works well as a cooling breakfast, as a main meal drizzled with balsamic vinegar or even as a dessert served with ice cream!

8. Cucumber and grape salad with poppy seed dressing

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A cool and refreshing salad that bursts with flavour. You can swap the yoghurt in the dressing for mayonnaise for an added flavour burst.

9. Taco dip

For the days when it is just too hot to chew, this taco dip is a saviour. Serve with tortilla chips and toasted pitta bread for scooping.

10. Asparagus and ham salad with dill

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There’s no reason why salads have to be lettuce. The base of this asparagus, ham and dill salad is slivers of asparagus made with a sharp knife or a vegetable peeler.

11. Couscous with melon, pancetta and ricotta

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This couscous, melon, pancetta and ricotta salad can be served warm, so perfect for when you want a hot meal, but can’t face a plate of something steaming.

12. Mexican seven layer dip

This cooling dip from Peachtrees and Bumblebees uses mayonnaise to make an extra smooth and creamy guacamole.

13. Rainbow carrot salad

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This rainbow carrot salad makes a delicious main, starter or a filling with some barbecue chicken in a fresh crusty bap.

14. Lobster rolls

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Perfect for a posh picnic, these lobster rolls get their creamy rich taste from the lobster (though you can use crayfish or prawns) and lashings of mayonnaise.

Why not try this food at a night picnic? Yeah it's a thing! Check out Hellmann's and their Solar Lantern Jars:

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