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    23 Signs You Grew Up Basque

    No one knows what Basque is, but Basque people insist it's the coolest culture around. You be the judge.

    1. You ate homemade chorizo and blood sausage all the time.

    You may have even helped make it.

    2. You couldn't sit down to dinner without a bottle of Tabasco on the table.

    3. Your house had crucifixes hanging in every room.

    4. You wore lauburu jewelry to school and the other kids thought you were a Nazi.

    5. All of your embarrassing school photos got sent to your relatives in the Basque Country, no matter how much you protested.

    6. At some point, you tried to learn how to play the accordion, txistu, or tambourine.

    Let's be honest, you probably failed miserably. Aita Tillous may have even yelled at you during txistu class and told you to just pretend to play.

    7. Your dad smelled like Old Spice and Ricard.

    He probably had as much chest hair as Don Draper too.

    8. Your last name never fit on the Scantron.

    Only eleven spaces? Really? Feel sorry for the Arrigorriagakoas of the world.

    9. When you told your friends you eat rabbit, they were like: / Via

    It was even worse if you admitted to having tried dove.

    10. You always had a backup Halloween costume.

    Because there was always a Basque dance costume in your closet.

    11. Your parents had hams hanging in the garage.

    Or a whole lamb in the freezer.

    12. You wore espadrilles before they were fashionable.

    But you could only get them in dance colors: black or white. And you hurt your little fingers while sewing laces on them.

    13. You vacationed in Bakersfield for Memorial Day, Elko for the Fourth of July, Boise for San Inazio, and Chino for Labor Day.

    Your summer calendar revolved around Basque picnics.

    14. The highlight of your summer was going to Udaleku.

    Who needs the mall or the pool when you have folk dancing, handball, and txistu?

    15. You don't know how to play poker, but you're a master at mus.

    16. Your reaction when people ask you if Basque is the same as Spanish or French:

    17. You know at least one person missing a finger.

    Chances are that person's a relative of yours.

    18. You only drink your Coke with red wine.

    Kalimotxos are the best, hands down.

    19. Given a choice, you ALWAYS order the lamb.

    And an extra sausage, because why not?

    20. You love a man/woman who can polka.

    Waltzing also gets major sexy points.

    21. You know what mountain oysters are.

    You might even be sick enough to like them too.

    22. You own so many berets, scarves, and sashes that you're ready for the Fêtes de Bayonne any day of the week.

    23. You have a script prepared for when people ask you, "What's Basque?"