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13 DNA-Powered Products To Help You Finally Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

Wouldn't a meal plan be easier to stick to if it was literally designed just for you?

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1. If you've resolved to eat healthier this year, embodyDNA will help you out by harnessing the power of your genetics for a plan that truly works for you.

Learn how your body uniquely responds to certain foods to help fine-tune your weight management strategy. Get it here!

2. There's nothing more frustrating than working out and not seeing results. Muscle Builder will use your DNA to design a 12-week training regimen that could help you get those #gainz.

You'll get a DNA fitness report and a personalized program for muscle growth to help you stick to your fitness resolutions. Get it here.

3. Ready to understand which foods might be making you feel blah? With Food Sensitivity+, learn your body's sensitivities to certain foods so you can eat smarter and feel better!

This at-home food sensitivity test kit screens for 96 foods to discover your body’s sensitivity to much of what you eat and measures your body's immune response to foods that are commonly found in Western diets. Your genetic results will also describe your body’s ability to process vitamins B12 and B6, caffeine, lactose, and magnesium. Get it here!

4. Thinking seriously about expanding your family? CarrierCheck™ is a genetic test that assesses the likelihood of whether you and your partner could pass on a genetic disease to your future children.

If you're planning for a family, CarrierCheck™ will give you a comprehensive and accurate understanding of your risk of passing on genetic conditions like cystic fibrosis, beta thalassemia, Tay-Sachs disease, and 64 more genetic conditions (67 inherited conditions total). You can gain deeper insight into your results by exploring your full clinical report or speaking with a genetic counselor. Get it here!

5. Take your journey of self-discovery to the next level with DNAPassport, which explores over 40 traits, from your ancestry to personality, behaviors, preferences, and physical appearance.

Learn what makes you who you are, then share and compare your results with friends and family (that have been sequenced in the Helix platform)! Get it here.

6. If you've resolved to get your sleeping habits in check this year, SlumberType will help you understand how your DNA, environment, and behaviors affect the way you sleep so you can start getting better rest.

Access insights about how your sleep behaviors jibe with other areas of your life, like diet and exercise. Track activities, mood, and energy level to learn how small changes in your behavior can affect your sleep. Customize your alarm and wake up rested, on time, and ready for the day. Get it here!

7. Train smarter this year with Fitness Diet Pro, which uses a DNA test to design a personalized workout and nutrition plan based on your results.

Use this award-winning app to uncover your training intensity response, injury predisposition, and recovery response, then follow a more personalized workout program based on your genetic fitness profile. Get it here!

8. If you really want to master your fitness in 2018, the MyTraits Sport app will help bridge the gap between your fitness and your DNA by discovering how your genes affect traits like your athletic ability, metabolism, BMI, and more.

Will your body respond better to endurance or power training? Swipe through a personalized experience that explains how your genes affect your exercise and sports performance and see how your DNA compares to the global population! Get it here!

9. Dig deeper into what makes you who you are, how you compare to your partner, and what you might pass on to the generations to come with BABYGlimpse Bundle.

The bundle includes two DNA tests and a mobile app for couples to discover and explore the genetic traits their children may inherit, ranging from ancestry to eye color. Get it here!

10. If you want to treat your body better in 2018, check out the MealPlanner app, which hooks you up with a 12-week meal plan based on your body’s unique responses to certain foods.

Learn about your sensitivity to carbs, saturated fat, lactose, alcohol, and caffeine and see how your body processes antioxidants, omega-3 fats, vitamin B, and vitamin D. You'll also gain access to a wide range of recipes crafted by expert nutritionists, curated for you to match your DNAFit nutrigenetic response! Get it here.

11. Have #bodygoals you're eager to meet this year? Fitness Buddy will help you out by showing you showing you personalized workouts customized to your DNA.

Find out if you have the muscle composition better suited for endurance activities or power activities, work out to easy-to-follow exercise videos where the workouts will be generated custom to each individual and optimized for fitness and safety, and track it all in the Fitness Buddy iOS app. Get it here!

12. Want to learn more about yourself in the new year? Geno 2.0 will help you start by diving way, way into your ancestral background.

You'll access a deep ancestry report to discover the anthropological story of your predecessors — where they lived and how they migrated (includes videos, articles, and illustrations). Learn about your regional ancestry by percentage, going as far back as 500,000 years (!!!). You might even find out that you're related to a historical genius, like Ben Franklin or Nikola Tesla! Get it here.

13. Want to try new things and feel super cultured this year? Wine Explorer can get you started by pairing you with curated wine recommendations uniquely tailored to your DNA and taste preferences.

When you join the Vinome wine club, you'll get boutique bottles delivered to your doorstep based on your unique wine preference profile. Get it here!

Have a ton of resolutions that you want to keep this year? Don't sweat it. Just one saliva sample can unlock the entire Helix DNA Store and all of its powerful insights that'll help you slam-dunk your New Year's resolutions!

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