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13 DNA-Powered Products To Help You Finally Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

Wouldn't a meal plan be easier to stick to if it was literally designed just for you?

1. If you've resolved to eat healthier this year, embodyDNA will help you out by harnessing the power of your genetics for a plan that truly works for you.

2. There's nothing more frustrating than working out and not seeing results. Muscle Builder will use your DNA to design a 12-week training regimen that could help you get those #gainz.

3. Ready to understand which foods might be making you feel blah? With Food Sensitivity+, learn your body's sensitivities to certain foods so you can eat smarter and feel better!

4. Thinking seriously about expanding your family? CarrierCheck™ is a genetic test that assesses the likelihood of whether you and your partner could pass on a genetic disease to your future children.

5. Take your journey of self-discovery to the next level with DNAPassport, which explores over 40 traits, from your ancestry to personality, behaviors, preferences, and physical appearance.

6. If you've resolved to get your sleeping habits in check this year, SlumberType will help you understand how your DNA, environment, and behaviors affect the way you sleep so you can start getting better rest.

7. Train smarter this year with Fitness Diet Pro, which uses a DNA test to design a personalized workout and nutrition plan based on your results.

8. If you really want to master your fitness in 2018, the MyTraits Sport app will help bridge the gap between your fitness and your DNA by discovering how your genes affect traits like your athletic ability, metabolism, BMI, and more.

9. Dig deeper into what makes you who you are, how you compare to your partner, and what you might pass on to the generations to come with BABYGlimpse Bundle.

10. If you want to treat your body better in 2018, check out the MealPlanner app, which hooks you up with a 12-week meal plan based on your body’s unique responses to certain foods.

11. Have #bodygoals you're eager to meet this year? Fitness Buddy will help you out by showing you showing you personalized workouts customized to your DNA.

12. Want to learn more about yourself in the new year? Geno 2.0 will help you start by diving way, way into your ancestral background.

13. Want to try new things and feel super cultured this year? Wine Explorer can get you started by pairing you with curated wine recommendations uniquely tailored to your DNA and taste preferences.

Have a ton of resolutions that you want to keep this year? Don't sweat it. Just one saliva sample can unlock the entire Helix DNA Store and all of its powerful insights that'll help you slam-dunk your New Year's resolutions!

All images courtesy of Helix.