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    • helgagross

      There is so much more in Brasil, every state has it’s wonders from North to South, no exceptions! Rio is beautiful but it’s a first time tourist location. The south is beautiful and has gorgeous people, beautiful (a little colder) beaches, but lots to enjoy, especially the meat! Sao Paulo has the best night entertainment, and is the number one place in the world for it’s culinary. The beaches are also amazing, Maresias, Ilha Bela, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba… Espirito Santo, you can have so much fun in Gurapari, and again, the beaches are a sight! Minas Gerais, there you’ll find the best home made food, it’s just delicious, e famous pao de queijo (aka cheese bread is from there). Going up northeast you encounter the most amazing beaches with the nicest, happiest, warming and welcoming people ever, have I mentioned the amazing beaches in Praia do forte, Pipa, Porto de Galinhas, Morro de Sao Paulo… and the list goes on… how about entertainment at the beaches, if you haven’t tried eskibunda and aerobunda you don’t know what you’re missing. If you like forests,fishing, camping… there’s Pantanal in the center west of Brazil, although not famous like Amazon,is big and has an amazing fauna. How about Fortaleza, Belem… hot, hot cities with awesome fun people and very typical brazilian sea food. Now if you want to have the time of your life, you must go to carnival in Salvador, there’s nothing like it, imagine millions of people on the street dancing, following trucks full of giant speakers with the band on top playing live fun music, the beat, the scenery, the people, the weather, the energy, only living, being there you can understand, it is just such an amazing feeling. Yes, I’m proud of being brazilian, although I live abroad, I can’t stay more than a year away, I have to go every year recharge the good energies:)

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