The Official Made In Chelsea Drinking Game

Drink .. but only after you have filmed a close up of it ..

1. Close up of an expensive drink being poured

2. Close up of a Kensington and Chelsea street sign

3. Completely random activity occurs clay pigeon shooting! hunting!

4. Someone “Randomly” bumps into an ex in the street/bar/restaurant.It’s totes awks

5. An appearance by Mummy Felstead

6. An appearance by a small dog

7. Mark Francis says something utterly ridiculous

He once knew someone who owned a sleeping bag you know .

8. Any reference towards Louise and “that guy”

9. Jamie just can’t decide his feelings

10. A river scene! .. Down your drink if someone is breaking up by the river.

Bonus shot if the scene involves Spencer.

11. Themed party time! Bach! Baroque! Arabic!

Your nose ring looks so weird

12. There is a confrontation at the theme party

Just down your drink this happens every single time..

13. Slap in the face!

14. Drink in the face!

15. Louise cries

16. Andy gets his guitar out.

At this point have a short break to make more drinks..

17. Completely random exotic holiday!

18. Lucy Watson is “Never going back there again”

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