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9 Reasons You Should Be Watching My Mad Fat Diary

Bring back 1996..

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4. Everyone knew a Chloe


So you thought you were the only one with a best friend as maddening as Chloe ? Sometimes selfish and too happy to dump you for a boy but somehow you stuck with her. We all wish we could be a confident as the Chloe's of this world.

5. Archie and Rae

Archie would be my ideal man if he wasn't fictional and gay. His and Rae's friendship is one of nicest parts of the show. They always end up besties again ,even when she outed him. Bad Rae!

6. It's so relatable

Even if you've never suffered from mental health issues like Rae or you weren't 16 in 1996 this show makes you feel wildly nostalgic for your teenage years. Whether its drinking cider in the park ,worrying about sex or meeting older boys.

9. Rae Earl

She's mad ,she's fat and sometimes way to crude. One minute she'll have you feeling massively sorry for her ,next minute your practically shouting at the t.v with frustration. All credit to Sharon Rooney for portraying such a compelling t.v version of the real Rae Earl.

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