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28 Photos That'll Give You Flashbacks To Your Surrey Childhood

Guildford was the centre of the universe.

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1. The best birthday parties were always at Bocketts Farm.

2. Until you grew up and started going here instead.

Martin Lewison / Creative Commons / Via

3. But Thorpe Park parties beat all other parties hands down.

4. All the best days started here...

Colin Smith / Creative Commons / Via

5. ...and ended with a cheeky Nando's.

Shovan Sargunam / Via

6. Every year 11 boy had this haircut.


7. And wore chinos every day.

8. Whereas every teenage girl understood the importance of a messy bun.

Kirsty Louise Walton Gratton / BuzzFeed

9. And owned a whole lotta these.

Sammy Zimmermanns / Via Flickr: baynado

10. And obviously one of these.

bbm pins pleaseee? xx
@angeliique_x / Via Twitter: @angeliique_x

bbm pins pleaseee? xx

11. But everyone from Surrey, girls and boys alike, had one of these bad boys.


12. And one of these. <3

djmirko / Via

13. When you finally got your licence you discovered the delights of the M25.

Robin Webster / Creative Commons / Via

14. But it was OK, because you could always rely on 96.4 Eagle for good driving music.

Colin Smith / Creative Commons / Via

15. You discovered this place in Year 7 and never looked back.

Jack Wills / Via

16. Because Jack Wills hoodie + leggings = an unbeatable combo.

17. The varied delights of the Guildford Spectrum were a safe bet for any rainy weekend.

P L Chadwick / Creative Commons / Via

18. And in the winter, falling over on the Hampton Court ice rink was a necessity.

Daniel Newman / Creative Commons / Via

19. You saw your fair share of pantomimes featuring former X Factor contestants at this fine establishment.

Immanuel Giel / Creative Commons / Via

20. There was only one sport your school really cared about. / Via

21. Unless you went to an all-girls school, in which case it was all about hockey.

22. The mud at Reading Festival didn't faze you.

Instagram: @mobhanded

23. As long as you had a pair of these iconic wellies.

24. And one of these tool kits.

Drew Stephens / Via Flickr: dinomite

25. Teens who were serious about their music would go further than the local HMV to pick up new releases.

Jim Linwood / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: brighton

26. And Mondays at Casino were your first port of call when you turned 18.

@GuildfordCasino / Via Twitter: @GuildfordCasino

27. But you soon realised all the best nights were at Popworld.

In need of a big cocktail?! No better place to go than PopWorld Guildford! Your Saturday Night starts here! #popparty

Although you knew it as Flares.

28. But, hey: Surrey was a pretty good place to grow up. / Via