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My Thoughts While Applying For Jobs 51-100

My oxygen supply is dwindling on the foreign planet that is my parents couch...

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51. Hey a sort of not rejection letter!!!

52. An interview with nobody there? An interview with a computer? How does that even work???

53. Woohoo! another sort of not reject letter!!!

54. Rejection letter #52 recieved.

55. What a pity I don't have the looks to marry rich.

56. Great if I stay here applying to jobs long enough I can get 5 Grande Iced Green Teas and then get a 6th one free.

57. I kinda get why people go get there Master's degree now.


58. My salary requirements are "Not Poverty"

59. Why are you asking me salary requirements if you stated them in the email?

60. Is this a trick question to get me to say a number and then you think that number is too high and then you don't hire me?

61. Maybe I can gather enough money to get a Yoga Teaching license and then I can teach Yoga at Lululemon. Those people always look happy

62. But I still won't be able to afford the leggings.

63. And they would probably be see through....

64. I need a snack.

65. Maybe when my little brothers are done with their summer job I could just replace them. I'm sure they would put in a good word.

66. They wouldn't put in a good word....

67. What are my three strengths?

68. Aw my former professor emailed me, I miss him.

69. I miss school.

70. I can't believe I said that. I need a job...


71. What are the Kardashians up to.

72. Aw dammit Kourtney and Scott are done. Well there goes my hope for sarcastic true love.

73. I feel my brain cells dying.

74. Student loans are getting closer.

75. So it really is just a piece of paper.

76. Maria la del Barrio. How do I get that life.

77. *episode where she gives birth and goes freakin' crazy* Ah, maybe not. I'm cool

78. Soraya is a beetch.


79. Must stop watch telenovelas, turning into my abuelita

80. Okay back to applications.

81. Why should I format my cover letter with an address if I'm going to email it?

82. GOD. I can't imagine doing this before email.

83. Okay internet "Easy ways to make money"

84. Way to go Buzzfeed! Always ahead of the curve.

85. I can totally sell stuff on Etsy

86. Is it my resume format? Its too dull right?

87. Again LinkedIn! seriously! Import my resume correctly or GTFO

88. Crap whats my password again?

89. 3 More Grande Iced Green Teas and I get a free one!


90. God Bless my folks they totally have the right to kick me out and they haven't

91. God I hope they don't kick me out 0_0

92. When I get a job, then save some money, then find my own place, then save some more money I think I'm going to get a dog

93. What kind of dog I wonder?

94. Adopt a military dog! YES

95. Can I adopt a military man?

96. I'm so tired.

97. Why did I ever want to grow up?

98. Don't do it kids!

99. My younger siblings are so lucky to learn from my mistakes

100. God this isn't over yet!

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