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Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

An updated version of Part 1

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  1. What would you classify your personality type as?

    Type A: a controlling bitch vs Type B: not a controlling bitch

    Type A all the WAY
    Type B
    an internal Type A
    a considerate Type A (so lowkey, you're Type B...)
  2. Are you down?

    lowkey down
    lowkey lowkey down
  3. What's your favorite drink?

    red wine ONLY
    gin and tonic
  4. What's your favorite store to shop at?

    J Crew
  5. What's your aesthetic?

    NONE i'm a mess i have no aesthetic
    everyday i walk out of a fashion ad
    catch me in a turtleneck sprinting to class
    lounging in a parka
  6. Who ruins your life the most?

    no one because i'm awesome
    my brain because i'm stupid even for a smart girl
    other people because i make too many plans
  7. Thoughts on Greek Life?

    lit!!! i'm super involved and i love my sisters!!!
    i'm in greek life, but only because i'm on eboard
    for some reason i joined a business frat???
    i rushed BAP but failed
  8. What's your life theme song?

    Starboy - The Wknd
    Needed Me - Rihanna
    Closer - The Chainsmokers
    Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

You got: buttercup aka helen

do you identify with a brick wall due to lack of emotions? are you a poser? schemer? scammer? do you like to ruin your friends lives by tagging them in inappropriate memes? do you like to ruin your friends lives in general? if so, congrats! you're the fakest of them all!!!!!!

buttercup aka helen
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You got: bubbles aka nicole

wow. someone's moody today and everyday! emotions are your forte; eloquence is not. what happened to the sweet, innocent, NICE girl from freshman year??? corrupted and broken, you have NO CHILL but at least you're ruining your own life before anyone else can! have a great new year's eve :-) #glassesonly

bubbles aka nicole
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You got: blossom aka jodie

current occupations include ringleader of the brothel and FLOZP, fitting for the former queen of England. for such a smart girl, you sure have some terrible suggestions... ice skating anyone??? you always look flames but as a dear friend once said, "you're not photogenic." your greatest accomplishment of 2016 has been replacing your iphone 3... NEW PHONE WHO DIS!!!

blossom aka jodie
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You got: mojo jojo aka angela

angela, it's a long time coming... your entire life has been a meme since the age of 5, which is litty af!!! honestly, you should give up on your career as a future cancer researcher and look into interior design because your room is the littiest place on earth. then again, you're never home since you live in the grad lounge, eating coconut clif bars!!! #iamstern #finance #baml

mojo jojo aka angela
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