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    17 Sandwiches You Must Eat Before You Die

    Think all the best sandwich action is happening in London? Think again.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Toasted Cheese at Baltic Bakehouse, Liverpool

    Baltic Bakehouse

    This oozy number is made with award winning sourdough and has the all important crispy cheese spillage around the sides. We all know they're the best bits.

    2. Bacon Butty at The Pig and Pastry, York

    The Pig and Pastry / Via

    Just look at all that thick cut bacon.

    3. Salt Beef on Challah from Loaf, Birmingham

    The Loaf / Via Flickr: loafonline

    Salt beef, pickles and mustard on sweet challah bread. They start selling them at noon – they're sold out by 1pm.

    4. Crab Sandwich at The Dungeness Fish Hut, Dungeness

    @GingerGourmand / Via Twitter: @gingergourmand

    So. Much. Crab.

    5. Cheeseburger at Steak and Honour, Cambridge

    Steak and Honour / Via

    Is a burger a sandwich? Of course it is. This cheesy number from Cambridge is one of the best.

    6. Ham, Emmenthal and Chicken Crackling at The Pear Cafe, Bristol

    Elly Curshen / Via

    This beauty is packing away ham, emmental, chicken crackling, baby gem, tomato, grain mustard and mayo on poppy seed bloomer. Sorry, did someone say CHICKEN CRACKLING?!

    7. Grilled Cheese at Kappacasein, London

    Rosie Tulips / Via Flickr: rosietulips

    It is the law that this sandwich makes it into every round up, ever, because it is one of the best sandwiches in the world.

    8. Crab Sandwich at The Housel Bay Hotel, Lizard

    Housel Bay Hotel / Via

    The only thing that could make this sandwich even better would be a stunning view of Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula. Oh wait...

    9. Pork Bun at Pork and Co., Canterbury

    Pork and Co. / Via

    We're over pulled pork in general, but when it comes with this much crackling? Too hard to resist.

    10. Anything from The Earl of Sandwich, Winchester

    Earl of Sandwich / Via

    These guys are dedicated to the art of sandwich layering – each "build" is a mini masterpiece.

    11. Anything on the Counter from Windy Corner Stores, Whitstable

    Windy Corner Stores / Via Facebook: windycornerstoresandcafe

    Big means business at Windy Corner Stores, and we like their style.

    12. Ham and Cheese Toastie at Fitzbillies, Cambridge

    Fitzbillies / Via

    Fitzbillies use their own baked ham in this traditional toastie. "Fruit ketchup" comes on the side for dipping crusts. Or fingers.

    13. Steamed Buns at Ninja Buns, Edinburgh

    Ninja Buns / Via Facebook: ninjabuns

    Like little fluffy clouds...someone should write a song about them.

    14. Mahi Mahi Banh Mi at Digbeth Dining Club, Birmingham

    Claire Rowlands

    Okay so it's not really a banh mi, but it is a sandwich filled with crisp fried fish and fresh, punchy pickles, so we're okay with that.

    15. Bacon and Swiss Cheese Croissant Sandwich at The Urban Shed, Cambridge

    Who says a sandwich always needs bread? Bacon and cheese, on the other hand...

    16. Steamed Buns at Fu Shnickens, Leeds

    Tom Joy / Via Photos by: Facebook: tomjoyphotography • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto

    Options here include sticky soy ox cheek, pickled beetroot, palm sugar, crispy shallot and chive, or glazed pork belly, hoi sin, pickles, cashew, palm sugar and coriander.

    17. The Soft Shell Crab Burger at Crabbieshack, All Over Kent

    Crabbieshack / Via

    This soft shelled crustacean comes fried in batter flavoured with Old Bay seasoning, Genius! There's a range of sauces and salads too like pickled cucumber and wasabi mayo, or harissa with avocado, fennel and almonds.

    And a special dessert sandwich award for the Donut and Cookie Sandwich at Nics NYC Deli, Glasgow

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