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17 Things You Need To Eat In Peckham Right Now

Peckham is hot right now

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3. Turkish Delight Sundae at Persepolis Cafe

It's got ice cream, Turkish delight, syrup, nuts and fruit, and it's as pretty as a Persian picture.


6. Juice from Ali Baba Juice Bar

The fresh juices at Ali Baba come in combos like mango and pickle and kale, apple and basil. Genuinely tasty rather than worthy health food guff.

7. Bacon and Eggs at Peckham Refreshment Rooms

Watch the world go by from a window seat as you munch your breakfast at Peckham's Refreshment Rooms.

8. Vegetarian Street Snacks at Ganapati

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These highly spiced nibbles have stayed on the menu at this South Indian restaurant for good reason. Spicy fried potato balls and ground chana dal with ginger, curry leaf and green chilli come with moreish dips.


10. 100 Day Chicken at Forza Win

These aren't just any chickens - they're Ginger Pig 100 day old chickens. They're more mature than your average bird, which means better flavour.

11. Any Sandwich at Anderson & Co.

Rare roast beef, home cooked ham, the best bread, the freshest leaves. It's easy to see why the sandwiches at Anderson & Co. are award winning.


13. St. John Custard Doughnuts from General Store

These doughnuts need no introduction, surely.

14. Pie Mash and Liquor at Manze's

This cockney favourite survives in Peckham. It's all about that vinegar spiked parsley liquor.

16. Brunch at Lerryn's

This independent cafe is endearingly chaotic.

Bonus! A negroni at Frank's Rooftop Bar

Go on, live the cliché.