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20 Sandwiches Every Londoner Needs To Eat

The only way to stop the drooling is to go and eat them as soon as possible.

1. Philly Cheesesteak from The Liberty Cheesesteak Company

2. Katsu Sando at Tsuru

3. Bacon Naan at Dishoom

4. Seven Year Steak Sandwich at Hawksmoor

5. Bife Ana at The Eagle

6. Chargrilled Cauliflower Wrap at Mike and Ollie

7. Falafel at Mr Falafel

8. The Reuben at Monty's Deli

9. The Chorizo Roll at Brindisa

10. Mushroom Sandwich from Spore Boys

11. Brekkie Muffin from Original Fry Up Material

12. Smoked Eel Sandwich at Quo Vadis

13. Any Bánh Mì at Bánh Mì Hoi An

14. Bill Sandwich from Bill or Beak

15. Afternoon Tea Sandwiches at Claridge's

16. Toasted Cheese Sandwich at Kappacasein

17. Jerk Pork Belly at Brompton Food Market

18. Bao at Bao London

19. Salt Fish Bokit at Bokit La

20. Ham Egg 'n' Chips at Max's