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Music Talk -BTS 'Wings' ("First Love", "Reflection", And More)

It's like he's directly talking to you.

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"First Love" -Suga (Lyric Video)

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BTS is the first group of artists that has ever made me cry with their music. They always tend to touch and reach that untouched part of my heart. I love how each of their solos show another side of themselves.

"First Love" has so many meaningful lyrics. There's excellent piano playing and string orchestra melody. It's so beautiful and it seems as if Suga is directly talking to you. He has such a way with words. I love music so much and his music pushes me to do the best I can and achieve my dreams. He puts his heart into everything he creates. I feel closer to him with his words, and their meanings are so deep. So powerful yet beautiful. The first time I listened to "First Love", I immediately felt tears. The song made me feel so many emotions and I can't explain how much Suga has touched me through his music. His music is full of emotions and hope, and it's no doubt that Suga is the biggest rolemodel in my life. “When we first debuted, it seems we didn’t get much attention. But as we started to sing our story fully, we started win people’s hearts. I wish to keep my passion," says Suga (STARCAST Interview). I often feel as though I'm connected with music. Music has led me to the person I am today.

In my opinion, BTS is so much more genuine than other musical artists out there. I'm sure others are just as amazing to their own fans, but BTS has had a different effect on me compared to other groups. I knew I was an ARMY from the very start. It upsets me to think that out of the millions of ARMYs, I'm only seen by them as a fan (this of course applies to other ARMYs too). They mean the whole world to me and I love them so much. Everytime I watch their videos or listen to their music, I feel love and inspiration. Their lyrics speak to me so deeply. They make my heart sing; they're the sunshine in my day and the moonlight of my nights. I just can’t say it enough, I love BTS more than anything. I love each and every one of them so deeply. They love us without knowing who we are, where we're from, our different backgrounds, etc. “To me, who wanted to spend every moment alone, you all were taking up quite a large part (of my mind). Age and gender, nationality and religion, what language you use - all of that isn’t important to me, (Suga)." All of their songs are composed and performed with love and passion. To me, this is what a musician is and does. They appreciate our support with loving tears, which from an idol, is true love. That's what makes them so unique to us ARMYs.

"There are numerous ways in which God can make us lonely and lead us back to ourselves. This was the way He dealt with me at that time" (Hesse 22).

"Reflection" -Rap Monster (Lyric Video)

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Rap Monster is a really great lyricist. The lyrics are so deep, meaningful, and relatable. We often hurt ourselves because we know our own weaknesses. We don't think we're good enough so we're not happy with who/what we are. We strive to become the person we wish to be, but end up hurting ourselves in the midst of that. It's sad that insecurities and low self-esteem bring us down so much, but it's the truth.

In my opinion, Rap Monster/Namjoon is the best leader any group could wish for. He's all of the things you look for in a leader: kind, charming, empowering, inspiring, and beautiful, on the inside and the outside. He's such an angel. Namjoon is always supporting his members. He's a great speaker and role model. Someone to admire and look up too. He has all of the qualities and traits a leader should have.

“We will be happy if our songs could give pleasure to listeners simply or have good influence to values of listeners. I wish that this album could be ‘WINGS’ for BTS. I believe we have grown up musically as well as in other aspects," says Rap Monster (STARCAST Interview).

"The other realm, however, overlapping half our house, was completely different ... a loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things, including slaughterhouses and prisons, drunkards and screeching fishwives, calving cows, horses sinking to their death, tales of robberies, murders, and suicides" (Hesse 2).

"MAMA" -J-Hope (Lyric Video)

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J-Hope's "MAMA" is a really sweet song. The song is dedicated to his mom who helped him find himself and chase his dreams/passion. He wants to make his mom proud of him and I'm sure she's beyond proud. J-Hope is so captivating and sweet.

"With a face that resembled her son's, timeless, ageless, and full of inner strength, the beautiful woman smiled with dignity. Her gaze was fulfillment, her greeting a homecoming. Silently I stretched my hands out to her" (Hesse 41).

"Awake" -Jin (Lyric Video)

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"Awake" is a very beautiful song and Jin's voice is so soothing. This song is also very meaningful. Jin has a very beautiful and angelic voice. He's such a wonderful and lovely person. BTS wouldn't be the same without him.

"'The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxas’” (Hesse 26).

"Lost" (Lyric Video)

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This song is very beautiful both in the melody and the lyrics. It's also a very catchy song.

At some point in our lives, there will be a time where we start to doubt ourselves, whether it's the right thing to do or not. Often times, I wonder, "What am I doing in life?" "Is this what I want to do?" and "Should I change my dreams according to what others think?" If it's not the right thing to do, then what is? The different paths you take are still parts of the steps you take through life. It's okay to make mistakes and get lost. The wiser you is formed from the mistakes you've made and learned from. Mistakes are meant to happen to help you find your final destination. After all of the struggles you've been through, you won't have to guess what you want to be or achieve in your life. Many people are also still confused and anxious, thinking, "What is my dream?" or "Why am I still stuck when others know already?" It's okay to think this way. The paths you take are there for you to explore. Each path takes you somewhere new and leads you to where you are and who you are today. It's okay to make mistakes, but just remember, have faith, and stay hopeful and confident.

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