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Jun 2015
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    heleenj2 commented on What's The Most Beautiful Sentence About The Immigrant Experience?

    White Teeth by Zadie Smith is full of them, but the one that strikes me the most: "These days, it feels to me like you make a devil's pact when you walk into this country. You hand over your passport at the check-in, you get stamped, you want to make a little money, get yourself started… 

    5 years ago

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    heleenj2 commented on What Is Your Best Advice For Dating Someone With Depression?

    I try not to continuously ask how it is going. Social conventions have made the question tricky for those with depression. Instead I let him tell his story in his own time, but in the mean time tell him I am proud of him, that I love him (not matter what) and will always be there… 

    5 years ago

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