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34 Must-Have Items For People Obsessed With Pasta

Consider these part of your al dente arsenal.

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Spoiler alert: everyone loves pasta. It's just the way the world works. When matched with the perfect sauce, herbs, and oils, you really can't beat a hearty plate of starchy goodness. That's why we've hunted down the most essential, unique, and reasonably priced items that every pasta lover needs to have in their kitchen.

Check out these picks below and get slurpin'.


2. This collapsible pasta drying rack that’s perfect for a crowded kitchen.

QVC / Via

If you make your pasta from scratch, you’ll want something you don’t have to keep on the countertop once you’re finished, even if it is majestic in all of its branched glory.

Get it at for $39.99.

3. This massive six-quart stock pot for when you are making enough rigatoni to feed the firehouse.

Jet / Via

Perfect for that pasta party you’ve been meaning to throw for all two of your friends that still eat gluten.

Get it at for $9.99.


7. This homemade ravioli kit, because sometimes we just need to stuff some mushrooms into pockets of dough.

Uncommon Goods / Via

Every once and a while you get that craving for homemade ravioli. Even if it's at 2am. (We don't judge here.)

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $30.


14. This "As Seen on TV" red copper pasta pot that is instantly recognizable as seen on TV.

Walmart / Via

Can you honestly say you’ve seen a red copper pasta pot anywhere else? No. You’ve seen it on TV, which makes it famous, which means it’s your obviously pot of choice.

Get it at Walmart for $19.84.


21. This 2-piece stainless steel pasta basket set that you can display like a professional show-off.

Jet / Via

Oh, are you still keeping regular strainers in a draw somewhere? That’s cute. We keep ours on hooks, and they’re more cylindrical, because the only thing that screams professional chef louder than an expensive set of knives are these two pasta baskets.

Get it at for $27.87.


27. Of course, if you like to keep it extra, this flashy one might be more suitable.

Jet / Via

Topped with a brass handle and made from high-grade stainless steel. It's also lacquered to prevent it from tarnishing.

Get it at Jet for $29.98.


32. A "grow and infuse" olive oil kit to fill your adorable DIY heart.

Uncommon Goods / Via

Is there any better way to outdo your friendly neighborhood hipster? The kit comes with everything you need to infuse your own craft olive oil.

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $40.