12 Ways To Make Sure Your Day Is Never A Snoozefest

Boot that lameness to the curb. And if you’re looking to start your awesomeness at an 11, get a kick from Lil’ Kicker.

1. Narrate your most ordinary daily tasks.

Frank Caliendo / Via vine.co

2. Teach your cat to use the toilet, so you don’t have to clean a litter box.

Gordon Flood / Via Flickr: gordonflood

3. When chowing down, don’t be afraid to get creative.

Savannah / Via vine.co

4. Say adios to games that take up all of your free time.

5. When the radio plays your favorite song, let everybody know how much you love it.

Kaden Vaughn Thompson / Via vine.co

6. At the end of every winter, leave a few extra bucks in your jacket to find later.

7. Avoid lines (because lines are the worst).

Kelly McMahon / Via vine.co

8. Send yourself an email that’s scheduled to arrive later in the day for an extra boost.

Jason Sweeten / Buzzfeed

9. Even when drinking soda, live on the wild side.

Ryan Willis / Via vine.co

10. Make shopping actually interesting by scaring the people around you.

Klarity / Via vine.co

11. Teach your cat to say something useful.

Zoe Helena Lundy / Via vine.co

12. And when you get your clean on, bust all the moves.

Trey Kennedy / Via vine.co

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