13 Reasons Why Jalapeño Is The New Bacon

Move over, piggy. There’s a new kid in town. And for an extra kick, Lil’ Kicker has plenty.

1. Bacon had its moment.

2. Now, it's all about this spicy little fella.

OakleyOriginals / Via Flickr: oakleyoriginals

3. Jalapeños make everything more delicious.

BartaIV / Via Flickr: 98640399@N08

4. Like fried chicken.

Gamene / Via Flickr: gamene

5. And burgers.

Chiropractic / Via Flickr: chiropractic

6. And cocktails.

Hive / Via Flickr: hive

The Jalapeno-Mango Mojito. You know you want to make one now.

7. Dare we say jalapeño makes bacon taste better?

PimentoCheese / Via Flickr: pimentocheese

8. Because really, what good is salty fat without a little spice?

JeffreyWW / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

9. The jalapeño is the unsung hero.

OakleyOriginals / Via Flickr: oakleyoriginals

10. Making the stuffed peppers pop.

JeffreyWW / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

11. Making the guacamole a fiesta in your mouth.

YouAsAMachine / Via Flickr: youasamachine

12. Making these hush puppies wag their tail.

LowellHeddings / Via Flickr: lowellheddings

13. Making the white chocolate….hold up….even the jalapeño has its limits.

Vegan Fest / Via Flickr: veganfeast

In conclusion, bacon is OVER.

BuzzFeed / Aubree Lennon


Dollen / Via Flickr: dollen

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