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14 Motivational Posters That Inspire No One

Posters don't know you. What gives them the right?! Seriously, you don't need to read — you need a kick from Lil' Kicker.

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...if you set your mind to it, you too can be a tree that's very, very alone.


...they're clearly tacos. The answer is always tacos.


...tomorrow, unfortunately, is going to be rather mediocre.


...and seven days with exercise makes one stupidly sore.


", not you. The other you. No! The you behind you. Good grief. It's Carl. We made this sign for Carl. Seriously, man. You need to stop slacking off and do something."


...but now it's hard to breathe because you're thinking about it. Forget we said anything!


...determination (dih-tur-muh-ney-shuh n) N. When someone who really wants to put a picture of a sexy lady in a poster has zero concerns about logic.