10 Animals That’d Be Even Cuter If They Were Tiny

Big beasts are better when they’re bite-sized. And for the one animal who will kick up your life, you better meet Lil’ Kicker.

1. Olive-Sized Ostriches:

shutterstock & ajari / Via Flickr: ajari

2. Petite Pachyderms:

shutterstock & CelloPics / Via Flickr: mtip

3. Little Lions:

shutterstock & vszybala / Via Flickr: vszybala

4. Atomic Alpacas:

shutterstock & Jonathan Lin / Via Flickr: jonolist

5. Bitty Bison:

shutterstock & Don DeBold / Via Flickr: ddebold

6. Wee Whales:

shutterstock & Rares M. Dutu / Via Flickr: raresmdutu

7. Un-Giant Giraffes:

shutterstock & lobo235 / Via Flickr: lobo235

8. Holdable Hippos:

shutterstock & Marilyn Sherman / Via Flickr: necrocake

9. Pocket-Friendly Pandas:

shutterstock & Teresa Alexander-Arab / Via Flickr: bambe1964

10. Compact Camels:

shutterstock & Aaron Williamson / Via Flickr: clickclickclickclick

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