The Kremlin wanted people to believe their defector was dead. The US did, too. But Alexander Poteyev couldn’t help himself.

Alex Campbell • 18 days ago

“Are you a bit embarrassed that an email like that was leaked?”

Jane Bradley • 5 months ago
John Templon • 5 months ago

“This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous.”

Richard Holmes • 5 months ago
Richard Holmes • 5 months ago

“It is of note that they are the biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party led by Prime Minister Theresa May and donated 1.25m Euros to the Prince Charles Trust.”

Heidi Blake • 6 months ago

Police gathered evidence of mysterious business deals, threats, and links to a Kremlin-linked money laundering case from Alexander Perepilichnyy’s computer. Then that evidence vanished.

Jane Bradley • 6 months ago
Jane Bradley • 6 months ago
Jane Bradley • 6 months ago

The author of the famous Trump dossier provided a secret report to the FBI asserting that RT founder Mikhail Lesin was bludgeoned to death by thugs hired by an oligarch close to Putin. Three other sources independently told the FBI the same basic story, contradicting the government’s finding that Lesin’s death was accidental.

Jason Leopold • 6 months ago

Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee is launching an inquiry in response to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and the pattern of Russian-linked deaths on British soil exposed by BuzzFeed News.

Heidi Blake • 7 months ago
Patrick Smith • 7 months ago

The British government has denied that it failed in its duty of care towards a state scientist who was found stabbed to death after his research helped connect the Kremlin to a high-profile assassination on British soil.

Heidi Blake • 9 months ago

A member of Britain’s House of Lords has accused the UK government of failing to protect a top nuclear scientist after BuzzFeed News revealed his death was a suspected Russian hit.

Heidi Blake • 9 months ago

A report by Democrats on a powerful Senate committee has highlighted suspected Russian assassinations in the US and Britain – exposed by BuzzFeed News – as part of the Kremlin’s campaign to undermine Western democracies.

Heidi Blake • 9 months ago

The heavily redacted report reveals nothing about how RT founder Mikhail Lesin sustained the blunt force injuries that killed him. And the Washington, DC, police won’t say whether they reviewed three critical hours of hotel security footage between when Lesin was last seen alive and when he died.

Jason Leopold • 10 months ago

The US government ruled Mikhail Lesin’s death an accident, but multiple intelligence and law enforcement officials suspect it was a Russian hit. The government is withholding information, so today BuzzFeed News has filed a lawsuit to pry the records loose.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

Lavish London mansions. A hand-painted Rolls-Royce. And eight dead friends. For the British fixer Scot Young, working for Vladimir Putin's most vocal critic meant a life of incredible luxury – but also constant danger. His gruesome death is one of 14 that US spy agencies have linked to Russia – but the UK police shut down every last case. A bombshell cache of documents today reveals the full story of a ring of death on British soil that the government has ignored.

Heidi Blake • One year ago

When a financier dropped dead in Britain shortly after exposing a vast Russian crime, police said it was not suspicious. But with his inquest now underway, BuzzFeed News has uncovered explosive evidence of a suspected Kremlin assassination plot – and a secret assignation in Paris on the eve of his death – that the British authorities have sidelined.

Heidi Blake • One year ago

After the dead body of an MI6 spy was found locked in a sports bag, London police said the death was “probably an accident” – but British and American spy agencies have secret intelligence suggesting he may have been assassinated over highly sensitive work on Russia.

Tom Warren • One year ago