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You Won’t Believe What The Keto Diet Can Do For Your Health!

Weight loss is a common problem in the world, especially in America. That’s why the health and dieting industries are booming in business.

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Unfortunately, there is no truly simple method to losing weight and becoming healthy other than smart dieting and developing healthy habits. Pills, plans and other “lose weight quick” methods are simply marketing jargon that cause more issues than anything as they feed off people’s need for instant, easy gratification and usually leaves a person with less willpower and eventually more weight.

The real secret to success is understanding how the body works, feeding and treating it properly, and being consistent with it for a long period of time. There is no easy shortcut.

In recent years, more and more studies have been showing that consuming a lot of carbohydrates for many years causes many issues including inflammation, insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and eventually cardiovascular diseases. This leads to the question: “so what can you eat if carbs harm our bodies long-term?”

The answer may surprise you: it’s fat! Healthy fats like those that come from animals (meat), fish, dairy, nuts, avocados, olive and coconuts provides clean, long-lasting energy that does not spike blood sugar and in turn does not cause insulin spikes and eventually insulin resistance. Usually, when eating carbohydrates, our bodies break them down into glucose, a type of sugar, which is used for energy. When consuming tons of carbs, our blood glucose levels go up and then the body releases insulin to reduce the glucose levels. High levels of glucose are dangerous and so we have to reduce them immediately.

Insulin is a catalyst for fat storage and when insulin levels go up, our bodies readily store away more fat cells. Eventually with enough years of eating diets high in carbohydrates, we become resistant to insulin and this can cause prediabetes. A few more years and we develop types 2 diabetes (this is why it’s also called adult onset diabetes).

When eating fat for energy instead of carbs, our metabolic system actually changes to become more efficient at metabolizing the fat for energy. It breaks fatty tissues down into ketones, which our cells can then use for energy instead of glucose. Most of the cells in our body are able to use either glucose or ketones so this is quite normal. This low carb diet is commonly phrased as the ketogenic diet or keto diet. For a further explanation, you can read the complete keto diet guide for beginners.

An immediate benefit of eating a high fat, low carb diet is that you can maintain high energy levels throughout the day without any of the ups and downs you would experience eating a high carb diet. The first reason is there is no spike in blood glucose and then no sharp drop since no insulin is required to reduce it. Another reason is that fat actually provides more than twice the amount of energy per gram consumed. Each gram of fat provides 9 calories of energy. Each gram of carbohydrates provides only 4 calories of energy. This is why our bodies store fat – it’s efficient and made for a great life-saving storage supply in the harsh winters of our caveman era!

It’s important to know which foods are low carb and which are not so be sure to read nutrition labels when buying food. On a low carb diet, you typically want to eat up to 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. Losing weight on a low carb diet is easy as your body is more used to burning fat for energy, so burning the stored fat comes easier and more readily for our bodies.

Once again, reducing weight and becoming healthy is a journey and the only way to achieve the results that you want is taking it day by day and investing time and effort into yourself!

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