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Call Of Duty: Ghosts’

Now that the dust has settled and Microsoft has introduced the Xbox One. We look a little deeper at the upcoming, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts’

It's been a good day. I didn't have to use my AK and the Xbox One was revealed, with the actual console on hand – classy move Microsoft.

We all know that Next-Gen consoles will do a ton of nifty things; the Xbox One will do anything you yell at it, and the PS4 studies you like a caged beast. That's all great, but… aren't they supposed to play games.

Fear not young padawans, today we have some more exciting news from the world of Call of Duty. Following the debut of the Xbox One, Activision had 10 minutes of airtime to show the gaming world all is not lost, and games haven't been forgotten.

Enter: Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest title from the FPS titans at Activision/Infinity Ward, who most recently brought us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. While all FPS games share a lot of the same fundamentals, Ghosts is setting the bar a bit higher than most.

Using a completely new engine, Ghosts, hopes to not follow in line with those just expecting Modern Warfare 4, Activision President/CEO Eric Hirshberg, gave reassurance.

"We didn't want to do the safe thing. We wanted to do the right thing."

Ghosts seems to follow that mantra. Everyone expected another cut and dry carbon copy of Modern Warfare 3 to be the next title – a boring upgrade that is better suited as a map pack than a real game, but instead we are getting something more. A game developer said to themselves, "let's do something worth doing". Fueled by an unlimited budget and a crack team of programmers, the little gaming fetus that is Ghosts began to take shape.

This time around we get a ground-up rework, with a storyline that is actually engaging. I know, I am guilty of never playing the story-lines of these games, and jumping right into multi-player so I can get my Prestige on. Not this time. Ghosts takes place a short time from now, following a major attack on our homeland that all but decimated our military and civilian populations. Our only chance at survival are the scattered remnants of special forces units, hidden from the world and banding together to make our last stand. Written by Stephen Gaghan (Traffic), there is hope for a cohesive and immersing story, that will be a joy to play with real depth to the world and characters, both of which are all new.

Another key addition this time around is dogs. No, not those dogs that spam you with death every match, this time it's your dog. You like him, he likes you and will kill to protect you from harm. You're able to plan and attack and send your dog in after a key target, have him scout for danger and all around be your companion when the going gets tough. Personally I like this addition to the game and it's added depth.

Editor's note: Yeah cause a freaking dog ads depth to a character you'll never see. You can polish a turd all you want. No matter what, it will still be a turd. And adding a dog to the stale Call of Duty franchise is just that. Polished furry turds.

Whenever I hear someone talking bad about the Call of Duty games in comparison to other titles like Battlefield, SOCOM or any Tom Clancy titles, they always had the same gripe – realistic combat motion. Oftentimes Call of Duty is regarded as a "thoughtlessly and cartoony game". Activision must be paying attention to the record numbers of people enjoying Battlefield, and the combat motion they allow, because Ghosts now has a new combat system of its own. You can duck and slide behind cover in fluid motion, pop out from behind a wall and hit your target before snapping back to avoid being riddled with bullets yourself. Add this into the new AI and evolving environment, and your set up for a shooter that is more than "shoot, run, repeat.

Ghosts is being developed with Next-Gen in mind, and the addition on the SubD framework makes the graphics on this game really stand out. A key function of this software is when zooming in on something, a scope for instance, the elements stay round and true, instead of becoming jagged and pixelated when you bring the weapon up to aim.

Activision has set out to bring you a ground up reboot to a franchise that was feeling stale as of late, and in doing so – they may have created the best Call Of Duty ever… yet.

Time will tell, and if we get our hands on it at E3 – we will be sure to spoil it for you.

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