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5 Reasons To Buy The PS4 Over Xbox One.

My reasoning is simple, follow along - you just might figure out which console you should buy later in the year.

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5 Reasons To Buy The PS4 Over Xbox One.

I used to be an Xbox 360 fanboy. I didn't buy a PS3 until 2012, mostly because it had nothing I wanted (except BluRay.. but meh.) Xbox always had the better online experience, and since I am a Halo and Call Of Duty addict, I was happy to pay my way and trash talk little children who shouldn't be playing these games anyway.

As i'm reflecting now, I find myself at a crossroads of what I want in a console, and what I actually have to choose from. For me, as a core gamer, I want performance. Plain and simple, raw, face melting power and that is only going to be supplied by the PS4.

My reasoning is simple, follow along - you just might figure out which console you should buy later in the year.

#1 - The controller.

After some one-on-one time with a special source, comments on the controller layout for the PS4 were: “comfortable, light, designed with ease and function in mind” the Xbox One had some less favorable mentions about it’s new controller “ heavy feeling, awkward hand/thumb placement, not a big upgrade over the 360 version.”

#2 - Console Specific Titles.

This is a big one for me personally, because it means abandoning Halo forever. It also means that I will have some great looking franchises to take its place. Killzone: Shadow Fall looked amazing during the PS4 show in February, Driveclub (Evolution Studios) looks fantastic as well, and is posturing to take Forza out to pasture. Infamous: Second Son is like nothing Xbox One has to offer.. See the trend? The PS4 is a “gamers game console” and they are focusing on that key aspect more than any other developer.

#3 - The Hardware.

Not only is the PS4 coming to market with more console specific titles and a tight focus on gaming in general, it is also bringing the hardware to run these games at a face melting 4k resolution. Sure, Microsoft is claiming the Xbox One will also run 4k (eventually) and when you put the consoles side my side, it is clear the PS4 is built for speed. Their use of GDDR5 Ram over the standard (and slower) DDR5 that the Xbox One uses is a clear indication of that. Also, the Xbox One and all it’s fancy TV apps, Skynet tracking, Voice communications... all of that junk, eats 3gb of ram to function on the console, meaning you have 5gb of slow ram to game with at any given time. The PS4 doesn’t have anywhere near that amount of bloatware attached to it, and runs its entire process on 1gb of ram, meaning you have 7gb of GDDR5 Ram at your disposal at all times. 7>5 if you didn’t know.

#4 - Pricing.

Two things here:

#1 - I expect the PS4 to cost more.

#2 - I have no problem with that.

Since the Xbox One is loaded with Kinect and a ton of garbage apps you don’t need, it's clearly aimed as a family machine built to entertain everyone and electronically control your entire life. Now, the key word in that sentence is “family,” which is marketing code for “cheap.” The PS4 is built for a purpose, they don’t care what TV show you're watching, they want you to never watch TV and only play video games until you die, which is what a game console is supposed to do. You also can’t expect top of the line hardware to come at a “family” price, the old adage “you get what you pay for” has never rung so true.

UPDATE: News out of E3 - The PS4 will cost $399, the Xbox One will market at $499.

That is a huge, testicle shattering kick to the sack of Microsoft. I've already placed my order for the PS4, see why here:

#5 - Last, and most certainly not least - Drive.

Sony has been getting it’s ass digitally handed to itself by Microsoft for the last decade. The Xbox 360 is still the top selling console worldwide, and by a large margin. Sony has been trying to play catch-up from the moment it released the PS3, so you can be sure that they are going to do all they can to dethrone Microsoft from the top spot. So far they are coming out swinging, they debuted early (sort of) and have shown an already large library of Next Gen titles in the works, many of which are huge and unique to the PS4. On the other hand, Microsoft has gotten soft, spoiled by the decade of glory they have achieved and are just trying to ride the coattails of the Xbox 360, and give you a DVR with a side function of playing games.

When you think about what you want your gaming console to do, chances are playing video games is top of the list, and like most people in America these days, if you are looking to spend money on a new console, chances are you already have a TiVo DVR and that takes a huge chunk out of your want/need for an Xbox One.

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