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14 Reasons No One Does Grilling Better Than Texans

It's a Lone Star Statement of fact.

1. Texans have a lot to be proud of.

2. One thing in particular? GRILLING.

3. First of all, it's basically BBQ season all year round.

4. (Which goes the same for drinkin' season.)

5. The amount of sauce is usually measured in gallons.

6. FACT: All Texas backyards don’t just have a grill, they've got a smoker.

7. ALSO FACT: Other states trying to replicate it inevitably fall short.

8. Because BBQ in Texas is basically an event.

9. We grill everything — yup, even breakfast!

10. And we have just...


12. ...much...

13. ...MEAT!

14. Which means we've always plenty to go around.

Texans know there is only one true store for BBQ...