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    13 Things You Forgot Happened On "Grey's Anatomy"

    Be honest, we all forgot about Rose

    1. Heather Brooks

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Heather died in the season premiere of episode 10, "Seal Our Fate" after being electrocuted during a super storm. I totally forgot about her.

    2. Kepner going to the military with Hunt

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    April went to the military after Derek died. She ended up serving over a year, which overall pretty much ended her and Jackson's marriage. After she got back, she ended up getting quarantined because they thought she had a virus from the middle east. Honestly, post military April was the most badass.

    3. Shane Ross going to Switzerland with Cristina

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Cristina made the decision to move to Switzerland after going over there for a conference, where she ended up seeing her ex-fiancé, Preston Burke. He gave her the hospital that he owned and since Ross was Cristina's star resident, she brought him with her. I was shook when Burke emerged from the back of the room at Cristina's conference. Shook.

    4. Catherine Avery's spinal tumor

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Catherine was diagnosed with a giant spinal tumor in season 15. They ended up removing a small part of the tumor, but some of it is still inoperable. I TOTALLY forgot about Catherine's tumor!! She still has the tumor, so we better be prepared, because anything can happen in Shondaland!

    5. Meredith kidnapping Zola

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    After Zola was taken away from Derek and Meredith, Mer took it upon herself to basically "kidnap" Zola. In season 8 episode 2, she disappears with Zola for about a whole day, until she brings her back and gives her back to the social worker. Zola is so big now I forget she was so small when she came on the show 🥺

    6. Yang and Avery's kiss in S6 E8

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Honestly, I was rewatching some old episodes the other day and suddenly, boom, they kissed and I was like, "how do I not remember this?!" Jackson ended up have a little crush on her after this but still, Cristina and Jackson?!?!

    7. George and Meredith's one night stand

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Okay, we all knew George had the biggest crush on Meredith in the first season. But, we did all forget about the time that they actually had sex! It was a one time thing and Meredith ended up crying afterwards, so, probably wasn't that good.

    8. Richard Webber's tumor in season 1

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    In the season 1 finale, Derek Shepherd finds out that Richard has a tumor pressing against his optic nerve. It was not very eventful since the surgery was successful and the tumor was not very complicated, but I totally forgot about that.

    9. Cristina's abortion

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    In S7 E22, Cristina learns she is pregnant with Owen's baby, and ends up terminating the baby. In earlier seasons, Cristina has always voiced her opinion on having kids, saying she never wants them because they would only distract her from surgery. In S2 E3, Cristina was pregnant, but ended up suffering a miscarriage after one of her fallopian tunes burst.

    10. Sloan (Mark's 18-year-old daughter)

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Sloan first appeared in S6 E10, after showing up to SGMW in search of her biological father, Mark Sloan. We then learn that Mark knew about her after her mother, Samantha Riley told him she was pregnant. Mark gave Samantha some money and left town. Sloan ended up staying with Mark, until she had her baby, who she gave up for adoption then ultimately left. I often think about the fact that her name was technically Sloan Sloan.

    11. Cristina being impaled by an icicle

    ABC/ Grey's Anatomy / Via

    This picture wasn't the best, but, it was the only one I could find. She was impaled by the icicle in the end of S5 E1. She ended up having it removed from her chest in S5 E2, but this is still pretty crazy that I forgot this happened. Cristina was impaled by an icicle. Sorry, just needed to get that in my head.

    12. Owen cheating on Cristina

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    After Cristina aborted their baby, Owen was having a hard time dealing with that, so he ended up sleeping with somebody he met at the bar. He said "it hurt to love her." Okay, I know I'm not the only one who dislikes Owen with a burning passion, but even if you do like him, this was the worst thing he could have done. Ever.

    13. Rose

    ABC/Grey's Anatomy / Via

    Ah, Rose and Derek, our least favorite Grey's couple. After Derek broke up with both his wife and girlfriend/soulmate, he got with, Rose. We all hated her only because it kept him and Mer apart, but I refuse to remember a time where Mer-Der wasn't a thing, so I erased her from my memory.

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