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The True Struggles Of An Irish Dancer

Because the struggle is "reel".

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1. Getting paired with world qualifiers.


It's hard enough remembering all your steps, choreography, to smile and have good posture. You don't need the added stress of fighting for the judges' attention against a world qualifying champion. Not to mention your turn out and crossing will look no where near as good when dancing next to her!

2. Clicking your ankle by mistake.


We have all been there... going for a click and instead of hitting your heels together as intended, you end up clicking your ankle and feeling like you just shattered all your bones. And what's worse than the pain itself is your dance teacher saying, "that wouldn't have happened if you were turned out." But hey, you'll have a crazy looking purple and blue bruise you can show all your friends.

3. Going on stage to do your hornpipe.


Anything is better than having to do your entire hornpipe!. But you have to put on that smile and pretend like it's your favourite dance. By the time you get to the third step you feel your legs starting to turn to jelly and your smile isn't quite like when you started! The only thing getting you through this is knowing after this you will be switching to slip jig/ treble jig!

4. Going out in public after a feis or Oireachtas.


So our makeup may be a little extreme but it's all for stage, right? Whether you go to a restaurant or the mall after a feis, people will be sure to turn heads and judge you on your not so modest makeup. But what do they expect? They don't understand how long it takes to take it all off. Not to mention taking it all off is like a TLC makeover show in reverse, you go from a hero to zero real quick!

5. And not to mention...that tan! / Via

Are you wearing dark nylons? No sir, that's the beauty of Irish dance, trying to convince the salon you still need to go darker! Spray tan on the legs shows you just how pale you really are, and lets be real, you compare the before and after with all your dance buddies! Oh, what we do for Irish <3

6. Buying a new solo dress / Via

You have to have a dress that catches the judges' attention, and those crystal covered dresses don't come free. Especially if you're wanting a Gavin or Celtic Star! Did we mention those crystals are real? Swarovski or nothing!

Despite everything, you love it.

No matter how stressful things may get, nailing a perfect birdie or finally getting the timing to your set makes it all worth it. Not to mention having your number called during recalls! Because only Irish dancing truly allows you to fly! And man, do we have talent!

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