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    • heatherv19

      the first time i saw clue my mom rented it for me and my cousin to watch on movie night. my mom had seen it in theaters when it first came out and fell in love and decided to share this wonderful film with us kids (especially since clue was one of our favorite board games). I instantly loved it and became a family favorite ever since. I can still watch over and over again and laugh at all the same parts everytime and i now enjoy this classic with my fiance as our go-to movie good anytime both quoting our fav parts along the way. CLUE is definitely a timeless treasure with a great script and excellent ensemble anyone who cannot see the brilliance in this picture must have no sense of humor and poor taste in movies. I also loved that one of my favorite shows “Psych” payed homage to my cult classic fav kudos for appreciating this diamond in the rough as i always have once again psych creators its as if we are of one mind- thank you for always reading mine! And to those Clue haters out there (I can’t believe that they exist but they do) you obviously do not understand wit and humor and therefore this movie is too good for you, so go and watch whatever mindless dribble you wish but as for me Clue will always be at the top of my playlist because i get it sorry you do not know what you are missing!

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