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    • Jen-Foxworth

      Does anyone consider that maybe, just maybe they posted the letter because they thought it was funny, and that they actually did explain to her later about the issue of lego having girl people that do adventure stuff? I mean I know they are in star wars sets and stuff, but maybe because she’s seven she just missed that fact. She might have not told her parents at the store about it, perhaps when she got home she decided to take matters into her own hands and write the letter, which her parents thought was funny, so they posted it, but perhaps they did explain it to her? I mean I don’t know what happened, but I mean really none of us were there, so we don’t really have the right to judge or bash anyone if we don’t know exactly what happened. I clicked the link and thought it was funny that a seven year old wrote that, so I figured that that’s what it’s purpose was, something posted that was funny. Do people really have to make an argument and fight about it?

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